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Interior colours for Argentine Dagger - Pics


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21 hours ago, BushBrit66 said:



anyone have some oils of these machines cockpits in Argentine service? Also, re the Kinetic kit? which seat and optional panel part are used? The instructions are a bit lacking for theDdagger option




@Uncle Uncool  may well know,   and depends what the Israelis did before selling them on.   Would they repaint the cockpit? 


Not much  but


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There was a publication from 2004 by Avialatina entitled Dagger & Finger en Argentina 1978 - 2004.  There are lots of photos and you can clearly see that the cockpits are black. The same publication states that the seat was an MB JM-6.  I have the Wingman Models IAI Nesher/Dagger/Finger/Mara boxing and it says to use the MB Mk.6 seat.

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This is not a Dagger - has a radar screen. So it´s  an IIIEA



Some pics:


Seat (in the middle)





Front panel



(the box in the upper right doesn´t go on Dagges -it´s Finger equipment)













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Something about the 3 yellow bars painted on both sides of the cockpit..



Those markings were added to "help" the pilot to recover the plane from flat spins. The idea is to allign the control stick (that shows its own 3 yellow bars) with the markings on the side to wich the plane is spinning. I think it works...


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