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Krieger Lunadiver variant - MANTA

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Here we go again. 

This will be yet another of my bits boxes builds.

I like the idea of the Maschinen kreiger universe and I have several of the kits in the stash.

I do find though, that I enjoy scratchbuilding much more than just assembling and painting a kit.

To that end, I've built quite a few variants using whatever I had to hand, and this will be another of those.

My apologies if some of the pictures are slightly out of focus. Or is just my eyes?


Here is a link to a picture of the official kit  http://www.amerang.co.uk/image/cache/data/Hasegawa/HMK03n-800x800.jpg

I've used my copy of it as a reference during the build. Though you may find that any resemblance is merely in passing.

I have a box full of old kits I built years decades ago and I've raided that for parts of the structure. Plus I've received a couple 

of Sea Kings (yes, Space going Sea Kings!) from fellow Britmodellers (Cheers guys) which will form the base of the model.



Take two Sea Kings and modify until satisfied. Not quite a zwilling but it'll do.

The yellow one came minus it's cockpit so I used one from an ancient Revell Jolly Green Giant built circa 1970!



Then take a Wessex, add half a Luft '46 fuselage either side and generally faff around with it.



Stir in a couple of Whirlwinds, with 1/24th Typhoon droptanks? on top. The original model uses Hughes 500's here.

I did get a pair of 1/48th 500's (The 'Chips' version comes with a Harley Police bike!) but why not use the old Whirly's instead?



Can you see where I'm going now? Answers on the back of a roast chicken please.



The original kit uses a Ta152 wing and a Skyhawk fuselage half here, but I had a 1/32nd P-38 wing in the

bits box (leftover from the Gulf Falke build) and an Airfix Gnat so I used them.



Now we have the Wessex & wing on top with the Whirlies in place and you can see a rocket nozzle too.



Another similar shot. The original kit has a large gunpod underneath. My idea is to have guns in the end

of what was the Sea King tail cones. While the pilot will be inside the Wessex. Scale will be around 1/32nd.

You will see that the back (now the front) of the Wessex has changed, I used a 1/72nd canopy.



I took some outside shots. The stand is ex Corgi aircraft, bought at the car boot.



The access hatch on top of the Wessex is an Aircraft wheel cut down inside a 1/24th car air filter surround.



The underside. Yes, that's a bit of tank in the middle (If Star wars can use them so can I). The hole is for the stand.

That's it for pictures for the moment. More work has been done since I took these, Tons of Milliput for a start,

so I need to get the camera out to update recent progress. What you see here has taken Months so far.

I hope you've found something of interest here.



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Oh nice!:thumbsup2:

And very much in-keeping with the original SF3D Ma.K aesthetic of using helicopter parts. It was quite a (obvious in hindsight) revelation to me when I realised that the Gustav's torso is just an upended helicopter (Hughes OH-6?) body.



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I'm a stranger in these ere parts and my blood ran cooooold when I saw what you've done to those kits. Then I noticed that they were mostly whirlythatsits not proper aircraft so it's okay by me. :tomato:


I have no idea what the hell you're doing, but most of the time I've no idea what I'm doing, so don't let that worry you.

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Thanks for the nice comments and, in the case of  @hendie. Shock and horror.

(Not to mention the hatemail from @Ex-FAAWAFU when he saw what I'd done to two Sea kings).


I got home early enough today from work to take some more snaps.

We are actually nearing painting time so I thought more pictures of the

bare plastic might show more clearly how seemingly random bits can

make up the whole, to give the impression of a normal model kit.


I should soon get some time to process the pics & post them on here.

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The yellow one was a gift from a fellow BMer. It was just two fuselage

halves minus the cockpit and with an anonymous intake piece.

I'm still not sure if it's an early Airfix fuselage.

The other came from the Airfix Sea King & Lifeboat set. 

Bought for a fiver at the local car boot as the seller had bodged the boat build.

I assembled the fuselage but was not impressed at all with the fit of the parts, especially the canopy.


I have sent a donation to the save the Sea King fund as a move towards forgiveness from 'interested parties'.



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Time for more pictures then.

This is the build just before paint is applied.


Behind the cockpit you can see the silver bar (radar?) that is a feature of so many Ma.k kits.

It's actually the piece of plastic supplied to stop the 1/32nd P-38 from tail sitting!

Also obvious are the 'debris shields' on the sides. On the real Lunadiver these are Porsche 911 door skins.

I built a Ma.k walker a while ago using sections of two Bo105 Helicopter fuselages. These shields are leftovers from that build.

I've also stuck the guns into place. These were from a mate and are from a robot kit or warhammer?


And a close up. The chrome pipes are car parts and would be steering thrusters, but I've since removed them.


Yes, that's a valve cover from a 1/24th car on the Wessex. There are two others under the tail pylons.


The back of the debris shield. A bit of motorbike, a bit of rotor blade, plastic card & Meng bolts. All just added detail.

These shields mount on what were Panzer suspension units using the tube seen upper right.


More detail. The black thing was a brake booster on a 1/24th car. The brown thing that looks like a cart spring

was in fact a cart spring from a large scale Ford Mustang kit. Left of the jet nozzle is a Whirlwind blade root that

is now an aerial or some such.


And sticking out back we have what I made years ago to be a TSR2 IFR probe.


Behind the debris shield, showing the mounting method.


The business end. The guns would, I imagine, be particle accelerators firing solid slugs at tremendous velocity.

The chrome thruster tubes have, as I said, been removed and I will figure out a replacement for them.


Radar/Comms dish for under the nose. The sand coloured base is the spare wheel mount from a kubelwagen.

The black bit is a McPherson strut from a 1/24th car. The dish is of unknown origin but was in a spares box for years.

Ditto the grey bit that holds the receiver.


And here we are under the nose. Radar/comms dish in place and the other cam covers.


Today I did more fettling and finally got a coat of grey primer on the beast. This has, as always, shown up

seams and a few holes that needed more filler, so that has been done and so I have yet more rubbing down to do.


I hope you've seen something here that you like.






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51 minutes ago, Gorby said:

Is this what dementia is like?

This is not dementia. This is kreiger. there is a subtle difference.

Krieger has Japanese origins and is appealing (to me at least). 

Dementia causes confusion and is not appealing at all.


Kreiger models are built up from parts of other kits to represent stuff used

800 years in the future and usually have a bit of an organic look to them.


Here's another I built some years ago. This one is 64cm long, is called the Sternail and is one of only about four ever built.


Strictly speaking Sternail is a spaceship but my mate's wife took the pics and photoshopped this one.


And, sitting quietly in a garden just outside Riyadh.


Thanks for looking, keep taking the tablets. (I buy them in bulk).


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It wasn't so much krieger that I was comparing to dementia but my bewilderment in beholding kreiger. I often find life pretty bewildering and I'm not sure they do pills strong enough to make sense of reality.


I tried to educatify myself by Googlising 'krieger', but I don't think this helps my understanding of the subject:




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6 minutes ago, TheBaron said:


Thanks. But now you've said that I'll be in trouble with @hendie and @Ex-FAAWAFU again!


There are short films on the tube featuring kreiger models. But an animated series could be good.


Thanks again for looking in.


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On 9/23/2018 at 2:18 AM, Pete in Lincs said:

Here's another I built some years ago. This one is 64cm long, is called the Sternail and is one of only about four ever built.



Beautiful model, Pete! That really nails the SF3D/Ma.K look and would make Kow Yokoyama proud.

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Thanks for the nice words Guys.

The Sternail contains fuselage parts from an F-15 and yes, those are Russian T55 tank turrets on the back.

Other bits include large drop tanks and a Blue Steel weapon.

Built for my mate, John, it still exists in the Middle East.

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On 9/22/2018 at 9:03 PM, Pete in Lincs said:

I've also stuck the guns into place. These were from a mate and are from a robot kit or warhammer?

They look a little bit rounded for GW stuff. I wondered if they might be spare weapons from All Quiet on the Martian Front tripods, but I'm not sure exactly which bit.


Looking great, by the way. All those shapes seem to hang together well and I like the blend between spacey and submariney.



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A quick update from today's efforts.

A few more detail bits added and the thruster holes drilled.

Then a coat of Tamiya IJN grey from a rattle can.

When that was dry, a bit of filling using typists correction fluid as it was only seams and joints.

When that was dry, a bit more of a rub down and more rattle can business.

And then another repeat of the above. The paint has gone on thicker than airbrushing it.

This has helped to make it pretty smooth and it's being allowed to dry overnight.

Whether I'll get any time on it tomorrow is another matter though.


Markings, shading/weathering to come next.

And I have an idea that will make it stand out too.


Sunday morning edit. - Yes, the paint dried overnight. But under a strong light I found still more

striations showing through it and more bits to rub down. So did that & applied another coat!

It will likely now have a week to dry while I'm at work.

Thanks for looking,


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  • 2 weeks later...

And here we are later, and I did get some time to sort it out.
AND, I found something to make it stand out too.

I will admit that I was inspired by the Revell Lockheed Ventura model.

Hope you like it. Yes it's a bit crude, but you try painting a spaceship in zero G!




Is it our own dear @Martian Hale? I think this one may have more teeth. :laugh:

I have yet to sort out ID markings etc, and a bit more weathering could happen. (Think I need to tone down the 'smoke' I've added).

I also have an idea to redesign the rocket nozzle mounts, so we're a way off finishing yet.

Oh, and yes, that is Tamiya rattlecan IJN grey. It looks more like primer to me though. Good job I only paid a quid.


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