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Dassault Hu-25D Guardian (Falcon 20G)


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This has been keeping me busy for the last month.  Its a Mach 2 kit, so a lot of work was needed, a bit of an adventure but nothing too onerous if you are willing to put some effort in, except perhaps the transparent parts which were typical of this brand.  That is to say, not transparent and not the same shape as the gap they were supposed to fit in!




As sold, the kit makes an early Hu-25A version (serial 2111), but I applied a few minor scratch mods to kit and decals turn this one into an Hu-25D (late modifed Hu-25A). 


Whilst I can verify that 2114 was definitely converted to an Hu-25D, I'm less sure that it was based out of Miami, but hey ho.   


An interesting project that was a very long way from shake and make, but fun nevertheless and leaving a genuine sense of achievement.  


FredT :)









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Fantastic job with a Mach 2 kit.  Not dreadful models but their transparent plastic sucks.  I built their PBM and swore I would never again give them a dime.  How I would love a Hasegawa Guardian 1/72, but alas.

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