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The Weathering Magazine - Die Cast From Toy to Model

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The Weathering Magazine - Die Cast From Toy to Model
Ammo by Mig Jimenez



We have now seen a few weathering magazines from Ammo and it is good to see they are keeping up the same high quality. There are 78 pages of glossy high quality paper in an A4 format, all in colour. As the title would suggest this edition concentrates on painting & weathering techniques to make your die cast models more lifelike, and less toy like. Even if you dont have any Die Casts the weathering techniques can be used elsewhere. This title features Excavators, trains, cars, trucks, figures & buses. Different products are show , though as the title suggests Ammo products feature.






This looks to be a very useful publication, although in magazine format the print quality is more like a book. Another good thing with Ammo publications is they are available in a wide range of languages if your first language is not English. Overall a high quality publication. Recommended.




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9 hours ago, richellis said:

Looks perfect for my builds, may have to get one of these.

is there one specifically for vehicles? I want to improve my weathering on my builds

There are a whole selection of them best to look on Ammo's website.

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