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M1A2 SEP Abrams Main Battle Tank in Detail (A.MIG-5950)

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M1A2 SEP Abrams Main Battle Tank in Detail (A.MIG-5950)

(ISBN: 8432074059509)

Ammo by Mig Jiménez




The M1 Abrams is America's current generation of Main Battle Tank used extensively in the Gulf Wars and beyond, with various upgrades to the original specification applied throughout its service life in answer to deficiencies in the original design, or new combat circumstance, such as the asymmetric combat that is inherent in the Middle East giving rise to the TUSK and TUSK II urban upgrade kits.  The M1A2 SEP (System Enhancement Package) upgraded the armour to new and refurbished Abrams tanks to improve performance.


This book is a new edition of their original book, which has been updated and expanded with additional information and pictures.  It is perfect bound in a card cover and extends to 143 pages with a huge number of high quality photos of the Abrams, many of which are candid, and show the crew either in action or posing for the camera.  It has just a few sections due to the nature of the book, which are as follows:




The 144 page is an advert for their M2A3 Bradley, which is a two volume sister title to this one, as the Bradley and Abrams usually operate closely on the battlefield.






The photographs are almost all high quality, with just a few slightly lower due to circumstances beyond the photographer's control, with tons of detail visible, as well as crew personalisations and crew appearing in a great many shots too.  The has clearly been a high level of cooperation between the US Army and the photographers due to the nature of some of the shots both from in the field and at maintenance depots and bases.  There are even some photos of the new Barracuda camouflage system that the Army is trialling to help reduce the visual and infrared signature of the Abrams and thwart the enemy.  Some of the field and base maintenance photos will be of great use to anyone that wants to build a diorama, as it shows items such as the engine compartment without the gas-turbine in, tracks being added/removed and some of the tools in the background, as well as mechanics at work.






A worthy title for anyone considering building an Abrams, or just if you're interest in armour.  The pictures are impressive, and the captions add an extra dimension to the story, which makes for interesting reading.


Very highly recommended.




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