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Focke Wulf 190A-8 Detail Sets


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Focke Wulf 190A-8 Detail Sets

1:32 Brassin



Propeller - (632-124) Although the general feeling is that the Revell 1:32 Focke Wulf 190A-8 is pretty well detailed straight from the box, it seems Eduards intent to replace almost every bit of detail other than the main fuselage and wing components. With this in mind they have just released a replacement propeller set and upper machine gun set.  The propeller set comes in the hard blister pack that Eduard/Brassin parts are usually found. On opening there is a small etched template under a card backing, three dark grey resin propeller blades and four light grey resin parts, protected by foam inserts. The propeller boss and cooling fan need to be carefully removed from their moulding blocks and cleaned.  The tangs on the brass template are then folded to 90 degrees which are slipped over the boss back plate so that the shaft hole can be accurately drilled out.  The set includes a jig so that the propeller blades can be fitted to the boss at the correct angle.  The spinner also needs to be carefully removed from its moulding block, and for some strange reason Eduard have made this so that the pour stubs are on the out surface of the spinner.  This makes for quite a bit of careful sanding and polishing to get a really good smooth surface.  With the blades attached to the boss, the spinner can be added along with the cooling fan and the whole assembly slipped onto the kits propeller shaft.






MG-131 mount – (632-122). Along with the propeller, Eduard have also released a new set to replace the gun bay that sits in front of the cockpit on the upper nose. As with the set above, this set comes in a blister pack with Etched and resin parts. The small etch sheet contains a new bulkhead skin, with additional stringers, fittings and centrally mounted webs. To this the two resin ammunition containers are fitted, followed by the resin upper decking which onto which the two MG-131 machine guns are fitted. The resin ammunition guides are then glued into position, as are the spent cartridge chutes. There is a PE frame that is fitted to the lower section of the windscreen, plus six PE latches, three per side of the fuselage, for the resin hinged panel which naturally would be posed open to show off all the lovely details











Although the new Revell kit has superb detail straight out of the box some modellers are just not content.  The prop is a very nice, but slightly marred by the way the spinner has been moulded, but hey, this is modelling, right? once assembled the propeller will look superb. The gun deck set is also very well moulded and designed, but be aware that one of the gun barrels in the review

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