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Urban Diorama Acrylic Colours (A.MIG-7177)

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Urban Diorama Acrylic Colours (A.MIG-7177)

Ammo by Mig Jiménez




More paint from those prodigiously productive people at Ammo.  This set includes six colours in 17ml bottles in the pack, each with a dropper top and yellow cap that is an indicator that there is a stainless steel "stirring ball" inside to assist with mixing the paint, which is also mentioned on the pack.  This is a good thing, as AMMO acrylic paint does tend to separate out when left untended.  By now it's common knowledge that AMMO paints are pretty good, and I have a few friends that swear by them.  They go on easily, settle down and once fully dry after 24 hours they are robust enough to withstand careful handling.  They dilute with AMMO thinners (A.MIG-2000) or water, and can be airbrushed or brush painted.




The name of the set should give you a good idea of the colours involved, which are muted browns, greys and reddish browns, typical for brick built structures, tiled and slate rooves, cobbled areas and so forth.  The colours are as follows:


A.MIG-041 Dark Rust

A.MIG-059 Grey

A.MIG-064 Earth Brown

A.MIG-075 Stone Grey

A.MIG-102 Ochre Brown

A.MIG-921 Red Primer Light Base


You can of course mix the shades to give yourself even more variety, as is demonstrated on the box front and back, which shows a few examples of the use of these (and other) colours to create highly realistic vistas.  Your artistry will of course play a part in whether you achieve such levels, but this is a good palette to start you diorama career or step up a level.




Review sample courtesy of


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