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Airfix 1/72 Jet Provost T.3


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Hi all,

Our IPMS group was invited to show our models at the local RAFA's RAF100 event.  With a week to go I realised I needed more than Spitfires and one Sunderland.  With a week to go, I grabbed this starter set JP from the stash, mainly on the grounds that a single colour would be quicker...obviously red not a brilliant choice.  I also built a Frog Meteor during the week, as well as completing the Spitfire Vb in the Classic Airfix GB.  Built in flight for ease, hence the small 1/16" square hole in the underside for the stand.


The RAFA and their guests were impressed and complimentary about our models, although various people kept pointing out rather obvious gaps in our selection...we also got to speak to two WW2 pilots, one whose time was spent flying rhubarbs and circuses in Spitfires, whilst the other had chosen Thunderbolts over Spitfires in Burma.  He said that when he was given that choice, he fancied something bigger and tougher around him!



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