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1/60 'Dust 1947' Snow scene diorama


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Finished this in November of last year. I used Dust 1/60 Miniatures and a Rubicon T-34. Snow effects were from Precision Snow And Ice. The rocket launcher is illuminated, as is the burnt out tank. The build article is in the Airfix Model World Diorama Feature.


44396241492_36e36848c8_h.jpgDSC_3061 by Dave Oliver, on Flickr


44445768561_4815723466_h.jpgDSC_3067 by Dave Oliver, on Flickr


42636728190_35becc0178_h.jpgDSC_3058 by Dave Oliver, on Flickr

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Hi Dave,

Nice job. I bet it looks good in the dark, lit up.

I love the broken ice

Can you tell me how you got on with the precision snow? How do you fix it in place?




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Cheers, glad you like it. I used their own adhesive that you simply airbrush on. They supply a wash with the snow and ice kit, that was used on the vehicles. 

Pleased with how the ice sheet turned out, not entirely happy with the snow, going try another snow scene in the near future..

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