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Russian Battleship Marat Super Drawings in 3D

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Russian Battleship Marat

Kagero Super Drawings in 3D



In the interwar period the battleship "Marat" was considered a symbol of the naval power of the Soviet Union. She was the most-described and filmed ship of the Land of the Soviets. In her 40-year service, rich in events, she survived four wars, but only in one of them - the civil war - she used her main guns in an engagement with enemy warships. In other conflicts, she served as a monitor rather than a battleship, shelling mainly land targets and carrying out counter-battery fire. At the end, she fell victim of the destructive power of German dive bombers. From that moment, she was a battleship only on paper. Mutilated and devoid of propulsion, she was still biting at the Germans from her remaining guns, and after the war, young pupils of the maritime craft appeared on board. Though it sounds absurd, even her reconstruction as a battleship was considered. This misconceived idea was not fortunately realised and the wreck - because it became one in the final period of service - finally went for scrap.




This latest release from Kagero flows the now familiar format, and quite thick for one of these titles, with quite a long section on the history of the ship, covering ten pages, including:-


  • From Petropavlovsk to Marat
  • Marat’s Modernisation
  • From Marat to Petropavlovsk
  • Another planned Modernisation
  • Extraordinary Events
  • World War Two
  • 22 June 1941
  • The Last Years Of Service
  • Listing of Marat’s Commanding Officers during World War Two




The next fifty nine pages are taken up with the wonderfully rendered 3D drawings that this series has become known for.  Although with this release quite a bit of the lower hull is also shown, particularly the strange shape of the bow, rudder and propellers.  The renderings show every part of the ship both in wide angle and close up which show some amazing detail not seen in other publications. With the ship covered there are also numerous drawings of individual bits of equipment, including some fabulous drawings of the secondary turrets, primary and secondary AA weapons, and the ships steam pinnaces. The book also includes a single A1 sheet with five views of the ship in 1:250.  On the reverse there are detailed drawings of the secondary armament turrets, rangefinders, 37mm AA guns, machine guns, main turrets and ships boats in scales ranging from 1:50 to 1:200.





As we’ve come to know what to expect from this series I can’t really say much more, other than if you’re a maritime fan you really should have them all in your reference library. For the modeller you have the superb Zvezda 1:350 kit  which this title will be a great resource for your build..




Review sample courtesy of

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