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MTO II GB Gallery voting - please read!

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It appears some members have given more than one actual build vote in the Gallery poll. The aim is to pick Just One Build out of these more than 50 finished and shown in the Gallery. Unfortunately the forum settings don´t allow more than 25 options per question, so the entrants must be split to several groups with max 24 build options and the 25th for "none in this section"- option. Now this should be quite simple, right? Say you like the build number #70 the most and would like to vote for it. In that case you vote for #25 (none in the first 24 builds) AND vote for #50 (none in options 26...49) AND for the #70, your actual favorite build. Every member should cast (in the MTO II GB) poll 3 votes, of which 2 votes should go to "None of the 24 builds in this section" and only 1 vote for your most liked build. Have you done that? Great. Have you done it any other way? Please go and fix your vote! :pilot:

Best regards, V-P 

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