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Meng Panther Ausf A 1/35


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Hi All,

Here is my recently completed Meng Panther. First of all, I know little of Panthers so if there are errors then please keep me happily oblivious!

The kit itself was fantastic. Everything fit like a glove and it was a hassle free build. I left the poly caps out of the road wheels as I heard they were nothing but trouble. The wheels still fit fine, if anything the small amount of play helped in getting the tracks on after painting was complete.

I used some Bronco tracks which were excellent and highly detailed (and cheap!). They are marketed as workable but I glued them anyway, just like Dragon Magic Tracks. I also added some RB machine gun barrels, Eureka cables and not to mention the Atak zimmerit. The zimmerit fit just so amazingly well. Worth the money in my opinion.

I used Gunze Dark Yellow and Tamiya Nato Brown and Nato Green for the paints. To weather the Panther I used a range of pigments and washes and mud and slowly worked up to a used looking tank but not one that was ever turret deep in mud. Perhaps I was a bit heavy on the rear of the tank.

A special thank you goes to 'The Internet' which provided me many videos and build blogs to assist me along the way.

Thanks and now some pictures!

















Thanks again. More pics at http://www.timboth.com/models/armour/panthera/PantherA.htm





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Hi Tim,

I'm not familiar with Panthers, so I don't see Meng's inaccuracies. What I see is a nicely detailed kit, put together with great care and painted up beautifully. The weathering is subtle but effective, the polished track treads being just one lovely example.

Well done.




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