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"Dead or alive,Your coming with me" Robocop

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This is a re-paint of my first ever vinyl kit,Bought it from Thunderbooks in Blackpool in 88,I can remember how weird it seemed,a model that needed a hairdryer,superglue and no enamel paints! I was well out of my comfort zone!

The original pose was rather static so I have repositioned the right arm and leg to try to give Murphy a more dynamic pose,The base is a home made job.

I enjoyed re-visiting this Vintage figure.











And remember "Stay out of trouble"


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Yeah, the first movie was the best.👍


Now back to the figure, a great rendition of the original!


Was it difficult to paint the vinyl, any special preps? Did you use airbrush or hairy stick or a combo?



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It was initially given a grey acrylic base coat then,if memory serves i used enamels for the silver and black,for the repaint i added ink washes of purple and blue green,thinned with klear,repainted the face and added dark washes to certain areas.

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"Stay out of trouble!" An absolute classic, sci-fi movie.... It's a real shame the recent re-boot was so watered-down. 


Excellent painting skills on display here. 


Thanks for sharing with us. 



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Thanks all for your kind comments,Having enjoyed re-booting Robocop I dug out another Horizon kit to update. Working on the final details

" Can you tell what it is yet?" ;0




"You have 15 seconds to comply"

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