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Thanks Robert.  Odd...the last time I bought them they were from a man in the UK.  His website also sold 1/48th scale turnbuckles and PE bending sets.  And that's all.  And only WW1 colours, and very specific, "A-H Phonix Dark Green", etc...I never bought them from the website you provided.


If I recall, I even spoke to him on the phone at one point.  Definitely not Italian.  Thank for the link!



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All these little bits add up...

The resin exhaust ports that fit on the underside of the nacelle need something to actually fix them there besides CA.




Some brass rod, a bit of drilling...and so...




Much better, much more secure.




Have also attached the radiators and the center support struts.  I have replaced the rear PE strut with Evergreen.  I predict this will, in the future of this build, become a more common event.




I don't like the landing gear.  It feels flimsy and there is no way for me to expose the springs, which is something I would like to do with the Italian version.

Once again...Evergreen for the struts, Contrail and brass rod for the axles.  I used CA to stick them together then regular glue to really hold them fast.  Once they are dry I will wrap the 'springs', clean them up a bit, and prime them all.




A test run of the jig.  Thank the gods of modelling for this.  Still, I have feeling I will be scratch building a few of the struts.  

Last night, before falling asleep, I realized that I will have to paint the red/green sections on the wing ends before I do anything with struts or mounting the top wing.







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Coming on nicely!

 Misterkit paints are definitely Italian, so it's likely you bought them from a UK supplier.

 I love them, they spray really well and I've had no problems at all, but there are plenty who disagree!



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10 minutes ago, limeypilot said:

they spray really well

I agree.  I think they are made for it.  They don't hand brush well at all.  I have always thought their PC-10/12 and NIVO were right on, as well as their Albatros series...oh heck...all of them, really.  


I think you're right about the UK supplier.  It really did feel like I called someone's home.  His wife answered and then put him on.  I thonk I was interrupting their tea!

Thanks for the compliment.  I have masked off the wings and will be doing them up red/white/green this evening.  Coming along...looking airplane-ish!





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Some colour...First a little white as a base.




Then the red and green...




I am very tempted to do the same for the stabilizer and the rudder and skip the decals for those.  It's easy enough.  Also, I'll be spraying some light weather on the surfaces to tone down both the colours and the 'rib' detail.  


Next...do some work on the undercarriage.


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Some more work on the undercarriage.  I have strengthened the area around where the axle will go with some brass wire.  I have also re-created the springs using the same wire.




All four, sprung and primed.




I have separated out the assorted struts and kept them marked since they are specific as to where they attach on the wings.  I have primed the rear wheels and assembled the front wheels.  The Italian aircraft doesn't have the spoked wheels (thank the gods!  I have problems making those work) so the flat discs are glued in.  I have tinted the wooden pieces, including the prop, with Vallejo Dark Wood.  I'll varnish them with Tamiya Clear Yellow tonight.




I will be spraying the rudder and stabilizer red/white/green.  This way the only decals I will be using are the 2 roundels on the upper wing and the squadron markings on the sides of the nacelle.  



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Big update...a lot happening here...

I figured that I might as well apply the few decals I needed before attempting any weathering.  The weathering had to be done soon because there was no chance at all of any once the thing is rigged...you get my drift.  So the decals went on.  Pretty easily, although one of the roundels manage to crack.  You can't tell because I didn't panic and fixed it.






Once they were on and dry (overnight) I gave the whole model a spray of Humbrol Clear Matte.  Now I can weather.  This was my first attempt at airbrush weathering and I think I did alright.  I used a light grey that had a bit of tan in it for a dusty feel.  That was all I wanted.  The oil stains from the rotary engine are oil paint and thinner.  A tiny bit of pin brushing along the control surfaces...






Hmmm...well..yes, as you can see the top wing is mounted.  Let's back up...and sorry, no photos of me varnishing the struts with Clear Yellow, or carving new struts to fit from Contrail stock.  


The supplied wing jig might work for some people, but it wasn't that great for me so I did what I always do.  I first a-fixed the front four struts and the rear two struts. This gave me a stable platform with which to work.  I then flipped over the craft and attached the upper wing, strut by strut, until it was stable enough to turn right-side-up again.  I discovered that one of the rear struts was too short by .75mm.  That was one to make.  I then checked to see if the 4 angled outter struts would fit.  Nope.  All too short by varying degrees.  Out came the Contrail, and 5 new struts are made.  Sorry again for not having pictures.  When I get going and focused I can't seem to remember the photos.




Underside washed with oils...




And so...this is what I have now.  I'll take care of that underwing rigging next.  Actually, now that I think of it, I might take care of all the wing-bay rigging now before it all gets to be too much.  Then attach the landing gear and do that rigging.  Then...the PE tail.








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Thank you!  On the contrary Ian.  I look forward to the rigging.  It just takes a lot of time.  This one will take even more time than usual.  It's not so straightforward as, say, a Brisfit or a Jenny.  I am also changing my tactics.  I usually wait until it is all done before I jump in.  With this one, it is best to rig as one moves along.  Tonight I will start!

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Who was it that said "I do my best thinking when I'm asleep"?   I'm not sure, but a flash of logical brilliance came to me as I was waking from my afternoon nap.

Rigging.  Make it easy.  Don't panic.  Think about how you lace your shoes.  So I did.  


First thing I had to do was mount little pieces (1.5mm +/-) of brass wire to the underside of the bottom wing, otherwise I would have nothing to attach the EZLine to.  I little drilling required.  Then (use the diagram, please) a single piece of EZline ruling from 1>5>6>9  and 8>7>4>2.  Done.  Repeat for the other side.  The top wing was easier since I already had the struts in place.




Regarding the interplane strut rigging, landing gear rigging, etc...I will try to follow this philosophy as closely as possible.  




Some good results...At each point, once the line is taut (note the piece of tape holding it in place), I tack a wee drop of CA to secure it.  Regarding CA, I have read on the Forum about people having frosty issues with CA?  You're using too much glue.  I use a sharpened toothpick and sharpen it often.  Very few frosty moments for me.  I use very little glue.




I have attached the landing gear since the next rigging steps require this to be in place.  As soon as I reach certain point I will attach the wheels because there is rigging that runs from the center of the wheel to the middle section of the lower wing.  Wheels must be on for that round.  And pulleys.  4 of them.  At least 4. I think actually 6, but I only have PE parts for 4.  





Now I will have a cup of coffee and maybe something sweet...siga, siga filoi mou...siga, siga...😁






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Last night's labours...


I didn't count the hours, but I think I am looking at about 5-6 hours of rigging time and couple of meters of EZline.  My work is far from perfect and I am pretty sure I missed a few strands but at one point it becomes such a cat's cradle that it is impossible to do anything else.  I think there are a couple of pieces I cannot attach until the tail section is on, but anyway...phew...








I have removed the 2 primary tailplane sections from their PE card.  This what I don't like about these old PE designs.  The provided pieces are just too spindly.  I do not think this will be strong enough to carry the weight of the plastic stabilizer/rudder assembly when it is attached to the main body of the aircraft.  I admire and applaud the design scale accuracy, but in reality I am skeptical.  Eduard, in their infinite wisdom, has changed that with their DH.2 kit, using plastic instead.  Smarter.


My first thought is to run some Evergreen along the long sections do give it some additional strength.  I should have done that before I folded it, but such is life.




In the meantime, I'll assemble the stabilizer/rudder component while I have a think on it.



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2 hours ago, Pin said:

Call me a maniac

That would be the kettle calling the pot black!   I find rigging immensely satisfying.  It appeals to the OCD part of my psyche that demands satisfaction.


I'll take your advice and wisdom and push on without any changes to the superstructure.  Thanks!


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Phew...that was a hairy hour of blue language, sausage fingers and constant watchfulness!


First, the tailplanes...control horns, tail skid (curly whisker not in focus)




Then, assemble the two pieces of the tail.  It does seem stronger than it looks.  Crossed fingers!




Create a stable environment on which to mount the tail to the main fuselage while, at the same time, not damaging any of the rigging or the two pulleys on the front...




Then, finally, after attaching the two points on the lower wing, swing the top spars into place into their respective divots on the top wing, a dab of CA, et voila!




Now...after a few hours, I'll start rigging this part.  It is really quite logical.  Lots of crossed lines creating X patterns attaching to spars and struts on the fuselage.  First I'll attach the tailplanes and rig their respective control lines-to-horns, etc...







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9 hours ago, CliffB said:

back in your element

Btw...I just ordered the Hasagawa 'Draken' & Saab SH37 'Viggen' "F13 Wing" double kit from the Big Yellow Store...I blame all of you for getting me into building jets and Cold War aircraft.  It's all your fault! 😁


I guess I'll be trying my hand at some splinter camo...

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I'm calling this one 'done'.  There are two or three very small and optional pieces I have not added to the build, but it is finished.  


I have enjoyed this kit, especially once I calmed down about the rigging and did it piece meal.  To be honest, it would be impossible to rig this any other way.  


And that really is the trick with this kit.  The actual plastic/resin/PE parts do not add up to that much.  Once it is rigged however...a much different model indeed.


Here is a teaser...the rest are in the gallery.




Next?  Something without  a lot of wires...Thanks for following along!





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