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Put a Face to your Name Mk.II


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5 hours ago, ArnoldAmbrose said:

Gidday again, was your father on HMAS Perth? I've heard of Ray Parkin, when I was researching the ship to build a model of her. I'm into ships almost exclusively, mainly Airfix 1/600 scale, which are becoming almost impossible to get in my part of the world now. Still, I probably have enough in the stash to see me out. I'm 64 so probably have only about 50 years of model making left. 😁

     I made a model on the cruiser HMAS Perth from a converted Airfix Ajax kit many years ago. It's a bit basic, but I like it. She's one of my earlier conversions. I've done HMAS Perth II also, from an Airfix Rommel kit. And I have a Monogram Cutty Sark in the stash. That might get done next year.

     I posted on this thread (face to a name mkII) on page 5, about 40% of the way down the page, if you want to see what an ancient has-been looks like. Anyway, enough about me, this is your intro, not mine. Speaking of introductions, you can start a thread back one stage from here, and discuss things in general a bit further if you like. Looking forward to seeing more of you work.

     Regards, Jeff.

Trolled thru the posts to find yours..  Serious mullet! :P  lol, and equally serious scratch build. :D 

No Dad wasnt on the Perth- he was 2/3rd MG battalion-  handed to the Japs on a plate- but met Ray in POW camp.

And yes Ray Parkin is best known for his authoritative work on the HM bark Endeavour-his biography "Odyssey" was published a few years ago by Pattie Wright.

I have a couple of small ships in my collection now destroyer and an aircraft carrier- very small scale- and sad truth is, I cant even remember when I built them!  

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1 hour ago, Oldefarte said:

I thought they always came and gathered up the bits to recreate in a secret hanger somewhere!!

There are bits of it scattered across quite a large area of the mountainside, including both engines. They're pretty hefty and I supposed would have to be airlifted off the hill.

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6 minutes ago, At Sea said:

I see your 'in the cockpit of an aircraft' pictures a raise you 'on the bridge of a ship'!

LoL😁 Is that what's known as "Upping the Ante?" 🙂  I've steered ships, up to aircraft carrier size, but never had four stripes on my shoulders. Welcome aboard. Regards, Jeff.

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On 11/21/2020 at 11:19 PM, Adam Poultney said:

Well this is me at Newark Air Museum a few months ago, somewhere in the general vicinity of a Vulcan (or other Cold War aircraft) is a very likely place to find me.


You're starting to freak me out. We messaged when I asked if you were related to my boss Sam Poultney also from Hinckley. Mate you look exactly like him too. Weird old world. In Suffolk there was a clone of me two villages over. We never got to meet but seeing photos of him was like looking in a small blurry mirror. 

I like the Newark Museum too but inside that Vulcan was not a comfortable time for me.

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Hi everyone, here I am recently whilst touring the Lake District with my wife Carol on our V Strom. I definately needed the waterproof overtrousers later that day.




Unfortunately Carol still has not grasped the need to get closer to the subject that she is taking a photo of, so we also have the socially distanced Smith family marching to breakfast in the background ........ oh well


cheers, adey m



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Hi Fellow Modelers,

This is Mukund. I am from India. I have been browsing Britmodeller forums for years. 

I got registered and became a member recently. Hope to have a great time interacting with you all.

Have a Great Day 





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On 8/16/2020 at 1:21 AM, Troy Smith said:


Hmm, the two method I used  for spiky hair, a long time ago I should add..

Soap, get bar, slightly wet,  so you get a soap paste, works well for spikes.  cheap and easy.  disadvantage, can make your eyes sting in the rain...

Egg White, dry with a hairdryer.  More bother than soap. Used for the brief time I had a mohawk (late 83)


Longer hair could get softer spike bay back combing, think Siouxsie and Robert Smith in the early 80's.

there was an story, possibly apocryphal,  in the early 80's about a employee/trainee at Rolls Royce who spiked his hair with superglue, as was told it was a health hazard...

Back in the 80s I used to spike my hair. It took ages. First came the crimpers, then back-combing, gel and Hard Rock hairspray. From washing to completion could take up to two hours and if there was fog or fine drizzle, I wouldn’t leave the house.


I used to get strangers come up to me on the street asking where I got my hair cut and the looks I’d get when I told them my mum did it! On more than one occasion I got mistaken for Robert Smith, though I was much taller and thinner, well, at least in those days. I’m sure I read that Smithy used orange juice to spike his hair, though he was prone to mischief in his interviews and I can only imagine how many wasps you’d have to fend off if you did.

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