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Contacting special Hobby

Greg Law

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I have tried to contact Special hobby about two canopies that have gone yellow. I received a acknowledgement of my email and was told it would be looked into. That was the last I heard not even a sorry we can't help. I sent a second Email and got no reply.

Is Special Hobby on holiday or something? I find it rather disappointing that they ignore customers like this. I have four of the models that they have sold and was going to get two more, but this has made me think again. Is this normal for them? 

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PM me some details about yor email (name, when was sent…) and I will look into it.


But I have to admit that as the colleagues in the sales and order department are chronically understuff plus their manager and his assistant leaving our company just these days, I am afraid that some delays really may occure. My sincerest apologies.

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