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Well, for one reason or another the enthusiasm slipped. Another sideline project had to take priority, and now it's complete - back to work!


45981491915_712e94a408_o.jpgAirfix 1:72 BAe Nimrod MR2P by George Aldrich, on Flickr


State of play as of around a month ago. Mainly focusing on filling the fuselage seams to a smooth finish, and rescribing the lines in and flushing with ET. I reworked the landing lights I relocated, as there were a few seams that needed resolving. A new filler for me - Vallejo water-based putty, very easy to wipe off when wet and sand when dried - love it!


33020894708_47291c1fde_o.jpgAirfix 1:72 BAe Nimrod MR2P by George Aldrich, on Flickr


A major modification area still not tackled is the tail. Airfix's is wrong in a few respects. The fin fillet is too thick and out of proportion on the stock kit, and the tip fairing is too short on the front. It should project forward more. First job was to cut out the fillet for the AlleyCat resin replacement, and to chop off the kit's 'bullet' fairing to receive an extension.


31954866467_2ed1b37b75_o.jpgAirfix 1:72 BAe Nimrod MR2P by George Aldrich, on Flickr

Replacement fillet glued with CA, and scraps of AlleyCat resin offcuts were placed onto the cut tailfin fairing to extend the body forward, before regluing the tip on, and lashings of CA and filler sanded smooth. Now the fin looks more as the real deal. There were some large gaps between the fillet and the kit fin, so some 0.5mm styrene plating has been glued on, and filled in with putty, to represent some of the strengthening plates on the fillet, whilst conveniently hiding some gaps the conversion presented! 


More soon, I hope.





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Thanks chaps 😁 Some more work.

39965579773_170fefe8a8_o.jpgAirfix 1:72 BAe Nimrod MR2P by George Aldrich, on Flickr

There's no denying that the Eduard exterior PE set is extensive! Here most of it is attached, apart from a few small details to finish. It really brings the surface of the aircraft alive! Heartily recommended, but if you're like me, plenty of coins in the swear jar when applying!!


46205408094_1c13bee0c0_o.jpgAirfix 1:72 BAe Nimrod MR2P by George Aldrich, on Flickr


Tail more or less completed. The tailplanes have had new fins added from plastic card as the kit ones are just a fair deal too thick! Some additional strip on the MAD boom and this area is ready to go!


46205407654_b355fdb528_o.jpgAirfix 1:72 BAe Nimrod MR2P by George Aldrich, on Flickr


The underside has a LOT of access hatches on it to apply! The smaller details, such as the wing pylon attachment points are all worth the effort I think though. A little filling of the bomb bay to fair it into the fuselage halves, and some final details around the engines and she'll be in primer soon. Then the fun part - paint!


39965578263_2fe2537ed1_o.jpgAirfix 1:72 BAe Nimrod MR2P by George Aldrich, on Flickr


Here the AlleyCat resin windscreen has been fixed into place. Went on without any real issues, a little bending to get it to sit as best it could, but with a fair gap around the edges, it's going to need filling anyway. You can see they supply you with wipers in PE - the Eduard set offers these too so I'll probably use a mixture. 

Just by the nose, you can see the original Airfix kit part, and how truly wrong it is... All the windows are too square in height, there's no arch in the middle panes like on the Comet series, and the eyebrow window panes aren't precise 'triangles' either. It's an area I think the Nimrod is really let down by so the resin replacement is a strong recommendation! Beautifully cast and clear too. 


Next steps should be to finish the details on the surface, mask the windows, and then it's a trip to the paint bay!





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