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1:7 Jon Pertwee Dr Who, aka Time Traveller No 3 from Mooncrest Models

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So I couldn't resist any more and had to get this figure:




Its a solid resin figure that comes in 4 pieces plus a base with a Galifreyan symbol on it. It measures 11" tall when the head is attached and the casting is very well done. The detail is crisp, there are no obvious pin-holes, there is a little bit or surface bubbling, particularly in the inside of the coat between the legs. There is a bit of 'flash' in the crotch that needs to be trimmed out and there are some fine mould lines along all the pieces. The tips of the fingers show signs of the pour stubs but only need a little bit of clean up.


I didn't take any photos of it out of the box until I'd started priming the resin after a thorough wash in soapy water. Here you can see the 4 main body parts:




I primed the head and hands with white primer as this will be a better base IMO for the flesh tones. I'm using Halfords primer on this.  Here is a closer view of the head and hands. The sonic screwdriver is well shaped and the fingers have good detail including well shaped fingernails and wrinkles.




and a closer look at the face - its a reasonable resemblance to Jon Pertwee, however it looks like it is depicting him somewhat older than when he was playing the Doctor, particularly around the mouth and nose. JP was 51 when he started as Dr Who, but apart from the white hair didn't look "old" in the way he did in later life and this looks more like him in his 70s than in his 50s with the deep creases in the cheeks.




Hmm, I've just noticed that the body shows the classic frilly shirt but no cravat or bow tie... ah ha, just found the version of his costume this is based upon, it looks like it was what he wore during Terror of the Autons as seen here:




Getting that purple lining right is going to be tricky I reckon :)


I didn't take a photo of the base but here is a pic from the Mooncrest site that shows it:




That will make for some interesting stone texture painting, something I always enjoy!


I'm in the middle of building the WnW Sopwith Camel for the Eleventh Hour GB and I've got a couple of other builds I need to finish before Telford so this one might be the one I keep coming back to for small updates now and then, since its all essentially painting.

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Jon Pertwee has more lines on his face than a tram line !


But you are doing a grand job... SPLENDID workmanship.


Post more updates..thank you.



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