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Lloyd Carrier and 6 pounder Anti tank gun

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I know it's madness but I'm going to try and finish these before the end of the GB. I was going to try for the first time the Blitzbuild but I don't have the flexibility to deal with the constraints so I'll try a 'semi' Blitzbuild of this here. 




It's typical PSC, well moulded and crisp. The model comes with parts for two carriers, with crew and two 6 pounders, again with crew. The carriers are virtually flawless, with just a couple of moulding flaws and one injection depression. The 6 pounders ahave a few mould seams. I think the 6 pounders are an older moulding as I have a boxing in the stash. Mind you the quality is very good and removing the seams will be quick swipe with a sanding stick. Obligatory gratuitous shots of the sprues. 






There are instructons for the carriers, usual simple PSC style. No options but extra stowage. No instructions for the 6 pounder though. Just as well I have a set in the stash. There are alternative parts for the US variant as well as the 6 pounder. 




Lets see how the madness goes. 

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A few coats of paint on. Humbrol 63 for most parts, Hu237 for the tilt and soldier's uniforms, and Hu 53 (Gunmetal) for the tracks.  Going out for the afternoon before the weather gets bad so it will have to wait for a little while to start cutting and glueing. I'll attack the Carriers first as they are lovely little models in their own right. 




You can see the moulding quality, even under my cack handed painting.







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Assemby started. Chassis and tracks on. 



Now sides, front and engine added. 




Storage and fuel tanks added. 



Competed carriers awaiting a coat of paint and crew



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Here we are, completed., just waiting for the crew to climb in. 



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The 6 pounders were hard work despite not having many parts. There were no instructions and the kit I had in the stash was from Valiant Models and different. There was also a few seams that needed removed. Here's one finished 




There carriers are finished and here they are. It looks a tight squeeze in there. OK in Northern Europe but a bit hot in the Western Desrt!



Here we are at 8.30 this evening. Just a bit of assembly and some paint on the tyres and we're ready for photos for the gallery.



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Finished, more or less. Will post few more in the gallery. 



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