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DH-104, FJ-2 1/72 decal sheets

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For those of you who already have or are thinking about getting the A-Model DH-104 Dove injected kit, I just got an email from Caracal announcing that they have just released two decal sheets, each with civil as well as military markings. I have attached a link to their 1/72 decal sheets so you can see them. I was also told the 1/72 FJ-2 decal sheet artwork is being done now, and it is next in line, I believe. I need to point out that I receive nothing from the guys at Caracal for any endorsement or comment on their products, other than being a very satisfied customer and enjoy talking to the Caracal crew at our Texas contests. I personally can't wait for the FJ's! I would suggest, however, that if you want either of the two Dove sheets, that you get them now, as I have a feeling they are going to sell out quickly- like several of their other sheets!




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