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Mr. Color Super Metallic: which thinner?

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In the work in progress section I asked some help on how to use this kind of paint. I used it with the standard Tamiya thinner and it messed up my airbrush. When in the cup the color and the thinner just split up... Even if I use an electric paint stirrer. 


An user told me that super Metallic range are actually lacquers and need special thinner. But on their catalog those paints are in the acrylic section. 


So is there someone that can tell me please how to use them properly? 



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Mr Color Super metallic is based on the Mr Color range & should be thinned with Mr Color Thinner or Mr Color Levelling Thinner.

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Never saw their catalog, but on their website the Metallic range is in the Mr. Color section which is solvent based. Like Jetblast said you should use the Mr. Color Thinner or Mr. Color Leveling Thinner (I always use the second one).

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