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King Of The Night - ICM 1:16 (16201)

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King Of The Night

ICM 1:16 (16201)




In a departure from the World Guards series in 1:16 ICM bring us The Night King from the highly successful Game Of Thrones TV series, Though it might be called The King Of the Night for licencing rules? The kit comes on one sprue of grey styrene and one of black, with a separate black pedestal. There is a clear part for the Ice Sword. The parts are very well moulded with no sign of flash or other imperfections, and while the build is relatively simple, the painting will be a challenge to get the look right. Being 1:16 scale it’s large enough for the detail to be seen and painted, yet small enough to have a nice collection in a display cabinet.




As with the other kits in 1:16 the instructions are not very clear.  They consist of a colour drawing of the completed and painted model, with the parts numbered and arrowed. At least ICM have included some detail drawings on the painting guide this time, rather than having to squint and guess. As the kit is fairly straightforward it probably won’t worry the seasoned figure builder, but it might give the beginner some pause for thought. 


The kit comes with a nicely moulded pedestal with just single option of top. Alternatively the figure can be presented on a plain flat base.





If you’re a figure modeller then this will be a great way to pass the time. The painting will require a great deal patience to get right. This is really nicely made though and although quite small, and it will look really nice in the display cabinet.




Review sample courtesy of logo.gif

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This is a really nice figure and the detail on the face is excellent. I have started assembly but will delay painting until I've finished my current victim.


Cheers for the head-up.



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