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UK Model Shows - BlackMike Models

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We are very happy to announce that our friends at BlackMike Models will now be bringing Colourcoats to their very busy UK model show attendances!


Colourcoats availability through BlackMike Models starts from this coming weekend with Scale Scotland at Murryfield in Edinburgh, and BlackMike Models attends many shows up and down the UK.





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BlackMike Models are delighted to finally be able to carry stock of Colourcoats paints (something I have wanted to do since Day 1 of the BlackMike Models Project).

This has come together very quickly so the pre-ordering process has not been set up on the BlackMike Models website just yet so in the meantime if anyone is interested in pre-ordering any of the Coloursets for collection at a Show we are attending please drop us an email to blackmikemodels@btintenet.com or message us on our Facebook Page or call us (phone number is on the website).


Duncan B

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