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224 Peter

BF 109 G14/AS in RAF Markings

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I'm researching a BF 109 G14/AS in RAF markings, there are a couple of photos around of the A/C showing the Squadron's LW Codes. 




The background is interesting:


On 16th April 1945, two fighter pilots from 2 Lovačko Jato in the Croatian Axis forces, Lt. Vladimir Sandtner and Lt. Josip Cekovic, flew their Bf 109G-14/AS and Bf 109G-14 consecutively from Lucko airbase to surrender to allied forces in Italy. Cekovic landed in Jesi, while Sandtner in Falconar. His plane was later captured by Americans.

After the armistice in Italy on 6th May 1945, F/Lt Jan Preihs flew with his commander for briefing in Jesi. While waiting on the airfield, he met some nice Americans who later asked him for a bottle of whiskey. They wanted to exchange it for previously captured Bf 109 and Bücker biplane trainer. Preihs, amazed by the deal, came up with a plan and shared it with his commander. He later called his unit to ask for a pilot who could fly the Messerschmitt. F/O Bolesław Stramik was the one who volunteered for the job. They fueled up all of their planes and flew back to the airfield. They accidentally fueled the Messerschmitt with 100-octane fuel instead of German synthetic one, thus they weren't surprised by reports of "smoking Messerschmitt landing on the airfield". The plane was repainted into RAF colors and given the Polish checkerboard and 318 Squadron's unofficial emblem - three cards.


F/O Bolek Stramik is the father of a fellow Morgan owner.  His information from a Polish magazine is that the undersurface was either dtadard RAF Grey or possibly the original RLM Blue.

But other information on the web suggests Azure blue as the squadron had previously been in North Africa. 


Can anyone say with any certainty what colour was used, and also what happened to the A/C? 

Probably left in Italy. 

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No certainty at all, but the underside colour as seen on the undercarriage legs and the side of the engine cooler looks far too dark for the original RLM 76 Hellgrau which can be described as a light blue, and also too dark for Azure Blue.  There's an outside chance that the darker Luftwaffe desert blue RLM 79 could still have been in use, but that seems most unlikely.   The uppersurface grey looks a bit too light for fresh Ocean Grey which is certainly what would be expected.  It is tempting to suggest that the aircraft is overall Medium Sea Grey with a Dark Green disruptive pattern, but that would be odd.  MSG also tends to photograph even lighter, because blue is washed out on many b&w photos, but this can depend upon the filter used.  However I don't know what photographic/lighting circumstances would combine to give a light Ocean Grey yet a dark MSG...


There has to be the usual uncertainties at trying to identify colour from a single b&w photo, even assuming limited options, but this one is difficult.  It's a shame that it wasn't photographed with an RAF fighter in close attendance for a better comparison.  Or indeed just more photos.

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Google Translation.....


Stramik continued operating flights after the formal end of hostilities, until May 20, flying identifyingly over southern Austria in search of Wehrmacht units, which, despite surrender, could not lay down their arms. After the war, the 318th squadron was stationed in the north of Italy. The pilots were mainly engaged in training flights and participation in aerial parades. During this period - exactly in September 1945 - 318 Squadron gained Messerschmitt 109. His exact history is known from elsewhere, so at this point it is limited to the statement that the plane of the Croatian Sergeant deserter (sergeant) Vladimir Sandtner of the 2nd fighter squadron 1 Air Base in Zagreb (2 Lovacka Jato, 1 Zrakoplovna Luka Zagreb) was bought by Cpt. Włodzimierz Bereżecki and Cpt. Jan Preihs from American soldiers for a few bottles of alcohol. Stramik gained fame as a volunteer to bring this machine flight from Iesi airport to Lavariano airport, where the 318rd squadron was stationed at that time.


This is a larger image of the aircraft.....





It does look as though the airframe has had a fill re-paint.


There is another version of the aircraft....




But i'm not convinced......!

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