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1/72 Fokker E.II Eindecker

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Hi all,


Just finished this lovely little Airfix 1/72 Fokker E.II Eindecker. Bought this one last month as a quick and simple summer build, and it turned out to be just that. Fit is mostly pretty good, and the detail is quite sufficient for a 1/72 kit. The only little problem I had, and every one else using the kit decals, is the decal for the top fuselage striping, as it doesn't match with the side ones. Oh well.


I wanted to keep it simple, so it's all brush painted with Vallejo and some Italeri paints, and no weathering this time. I did try rigging for the first time on this kit, using the finest EZ-line, and I must say it was quite easy and fun. Maybe next time I will also try to paint a wood grain pattern on the prop.


Hope you like it, and thanks for looking.











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TBH, it was pretty easy. There's a clear diagram in the instructions. I just drilled some small holes in the cowling for the wires, as they aren't there yet. And I would start with the ones in the undercarriage. I made the mistake of starting with the wing ones, and that made the undercarriage ones harder to reach.

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That looks really nice. I just bought one of this this weekend and I'm planning it to be my next project (and my first time ever WWI kite) I'm glad you've pointed out the decal issue, I'll probably be painting it instead.


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Just found this - I have seen many of these and all of them look very good. Yours is no exception: for a first ww1 type you have done an excellent job, especially with the rigging. As Ian writes, always start with the least accessible wires and work to the most accessible. It leads to less bad language and fewer broken wires...Guess how I know?



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13 hours ago, ColinChipmunkfan said:

Any other points I should watch out for when building it?

Hmmm. The only thing that was less than ideal was the fit of the fuselage parts, especially towards the rear. Other than that, it was a very enjoyable build.


Oh, and if you're looking for refs, the Wingnut Wings website has some great photos and other references.

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