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You wait for ages then three come along... First Tony O'Toole showed his beautiful French Suez machine, then Camper1  followed it with his excellent USAF ANG machine and bringing up the rear is my 15th TRS machine.


It is the old Heller kit that I picked up in a bargain box at the modellers paradise that is Halifax Modellers World. I think it dates from the early 1980s and is a really simple kit unlike the recent Tan models one. The Tan Models kit is great but it costs five times as much as this old warrior.


 I used the lovely Caracal decals to create a machine of the 15th TRS 67th TRW based out of Kadena AFB in 1957. Though designed for the Tan kit, they fit the Heller kit without  any modification.



The Heller  kit has really weak connection points for the undercarriage and my normal method of drilling and pinning wasn't possible as the wing top is very thin.


After the Kittyhawk F-101C this was a refreshing change and sometimes simple is best.


Thanks for looking.

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I nearly bought this one from Dave`s,...... so glad that it went to a good home Andy and has turned out so well too,...... great job as usual!


I`m hoping to get a Tan Model one to build a Norwegian aircraft,..... hopefully Dave will have one in for me today!




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Very nice build.


You're mentioning the Tan Models Thunderflash. Did you had the opportunity to compare these two kits? You know, their dimensions, detail accuracy, etc?

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I've build both as I said but at different times so it is hard to compare dimensions.

The Heller kit has raised panel lines, Tan has engraved,

Heller supplies two tanks, the Tan kit has four tanks, which is a more usual loadout.

The Heller kits nose camera bay is empty the Tan kit has a full camera suite and  both engraved lines to cut the moulded in closed access panels and replacement open panels , If you don't open up the bay you can see very little of all that nice detail.

The Heller kit camera windows  fit, the Tan ones need a  bit of work to  do so.


Generally the Tan kit has nicer detail, as an example the Tan kit has the ability to display the canopy open the Heller only has a one piece canopy.

The Heller markings show their age whereas the Tan ones are thin and adhere well.  The Tan kit offers markings for aircraft with the later retro fitted Martin Baker seat but no  such seat.


Generally they both look like an RF-84F.


Hope this is of some use.






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