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Wing and tailplane center sections for DC-10-30 - 1:200

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I have just joined this interesting network. Can you recommend reliable webshops in Europe, where you can buy wing and tailplane center sections., especially for the DC-10-30, which I am in the process of building one -30 and two -40. I am familiar with Kingkit, Hannants and FDcal. As far as Kingkit, I have bought the last set they had, Hannants did not have any at present, and neither did FDcal.

Best wishes


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I stand to be corrected but as far as I know the only DC-10 wing centre section decals in current production are by Nazca Decals based in Germany.  They only sell direct and their mail order is pretty good but Gaston Roca who runs Nazca is a working airline pilot and you may not always get an immediate response if he's away on a trip.  Their main website is a bit of a mess but they have some good and unique stuff and persistence is reommended.


Nazca decals are good quality but they need to be applied with the usual care required for laser printed decals, particularly a consistent, light-coloured background.


Having said all that, it isn't difficult to mask and paint wing and tailplane centre sections.  It's also cheaper!


Dave G

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