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We're making a special effort (seeing as we are a tiny company with no full time staff and graphic design budgets that could be counted on the fingers of one hand) to make it clearer what to actually do with these new Royal Navy paint colours we've made, particularly since we've contradicted lots of hitherto accepted colour guidance out there.


The little 3 colour box sets have proven very popular so far and here are two new ones aimed at specific schemes which saw widespread use prior to and/or during World War Two:








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13 hours ago, Stew Dapple said:

Nice job Jamie, Gill :) 


Any other sets in the pipeline?






All Gill's efforts again!


Indeed there are more to follow. From here we will complete and offer the destroyers and small ships publications from 1942, 1943 and 1945.


Next, we will finish what the King George V class line drawings above were started for in the first place - HMS Prince of Wales in her August-to-Force Z demise camouflage scheme. This is a complicated 5-colour scheme and to be fair a difficult one to work out however we do have some precious colour cine film stills which clearly disprove some theories involving real colours, but the thing about PoW that makes me want to sob into my hands every time I see a model is the prolific regularity with which greens and olives seem to appear over it. We have some badly misinformed published authors to thank for that...


After that we'll produce the remaining main KGV class schemes including Anson and Howe's very similar 1942-1944 camouflage schemes, as well as Duke of York's Battle of North Cape scheme.


Rodney and Nelson are planned after that, then, perhaps, the Queen Elizabeths.

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