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Yellow ID Stripes on 451 Squadron Spitfire?

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I know that British and Commonwealth fighters in the Mediterranean generally did not have Northern European yellow identification stripes on the leading edge of the wings, although there were some exceptions to this.  I’m doing an RAAF 451 Squadron Spitfire IXc (QB*A, MH769) on Corsica in 1944, and wonder if it had the yellow ID stripes.   I found a photo of QB*A on the ADF-Serials.com.au website, but the leading edge of the wings are not visible in it.  Any thoughts from the experts on whether this aircraft likely had yellow ID stripes?  The photo shows that QB*A had the Sky fuselage band used on Northern European-based fighters.  Would this suggest the wing ID stripes were also applied?  

Any insights or speculations would be much appreciated.  

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A google of '451 Squadron Spitfires' turned up a picture of BQ-X captioned 'El Daba c.1943' which I think does show the leading edge stripes.

I would attach the image, but its not easy on this forum.






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