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something a little different "lego" Ferrari 312

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Dear all,


While awaiting Messrs DeAgostini to finish with deliveries of my porsche and absorbing all of Roy's Porsche building tips on their forum I thought i would give this a go..   It is made by  Xing Bao, a chinese company that makes Lego copies. This design is by an italian gent who goes by the handle of RoscoePC..... followers of Daisy, Bo and Luke will get it. 


When not obsessed by Dodge Bothering he is an exceptional designer of large scale Lego Formula 1 cars....  You name it he has a lego version of the most icon cars of the past twenty years.. for lego they are pretty details with the occasional liberty taken in the name of blockiness 


My nearest and dearest sorted out delivery of this Ferrari and the Dan Gurney - Eagle Weslake for my recent birthday. The cars are huge and both came for a very reasonable 110 pounds delivered to my door from china. 


So on with some build pics 


 The start. the rear suspension and engine sump with the seperentine exhausts 






Typical lego crank, but an atypical flat 12 boxer config 




The flat twelve cylinder complete 




The gear box and open diff attached 




Front end coming together 





The fruit of an evenings labour front and rear joined with the floor pan starting to come together 




Edited by cati

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Interesting, I’ll be keeping an eye on this. How big is “huge”??

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so day 2 on the build starting to get the monocoque built up... i know this is the normal for brit modeller but the attention to detail on this design is fascinating. 








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looks good, but i would be careful to make sure you don't post this on any Lego forums. it's not worth the hassle you will get from them.

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So all nearly finished - second one I have built first was the Gurney Eagle Weslake v12 .. here they are side by side with an iPhone 6 for scale.. the Ferrari is going to get proper decals rather than the rubbish supplied







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