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Bf.109G-2 Weekend Edition (84148) - 1:48 Eduard


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Bf.109G-2 Weekend Edition (84148)

1:48 Eduard




The G variant of the 109, colloquially known as the Gustav was one of the primary fighters available to the Luftwaffe during the closing years of WWII, and saw extensive active service, all the while being upgraded to combat the increasing Allied superiority in the air.  Happily for the Allies, the supply of experienced pilots was fast running out, so as good as the upgrades were, they couldn't make an appreciable difference to the outcome.  The G-2 differed from the initial G-1 insofar as it eschewed the pressurised cockpit, and it was sometimes fitted with different head armour for the pilot.



The Kit

The G-2 is the latest of Eduard's series of Gustavs, which seems to be expanding nicely.









Given the aforementioned differences between the sub-variants, there's not a huge amount of differences between the airframes  The flying surfaces are all mobilised and capable of being depicted deflected one way or t'other, and Eduard have now released a set of hyper-detailed flying surfaces (648310) for the G series.  There is a choice of tyres for your decal options.  Another choice is offered for the clear windscreen part, with a common square profile canopy and fixed rear portion with the earlier larger aerial mast, which has the usual post for your choice of rigging material at the tail-end.  With the prop added, it's just a case of choosing whether or not to add the additional armament in the shape of underslung cannons in gondola cowlings outboard of the landing gear bays.  




As seems to be the case with weekend boxings, there are two decal options included on the larger decal sheet, and a set of stencils on the other sheet, which will allow you to build one of the following:


  1. Bf 109G-2/R6, flown by Hptm. Horst Carganico, CO of II./JG 5, Salmijärvi, Finland, May 1943 
  2. Bf 109G-2, flown by Maj. Hannes Trautloft, CO of JG 54, Eastern Front, summer 1942







The stencils are shown on a separate placement guide on the back page of the booklet, and both sheets are printed in-house on their by-now familiar vibrant blue paper, with good colour density, register and sharpness.  In use these decals settle down well with a little solution, and the carrier film is closely cropped and slightly glossy.  As always, there are some removable Swastikas at the corner of the main sheet, and some two-part decals that can be made into a Swastika by the modeller in territories where that's a difficult subject.




A very nice rendition of the G-2,with suitably disparate schemes that should appeal to many out of the box.  The surface detail on these kits is by now legendary. The availability of the Weekend box makes for an affordable kit.


Highly recommended.




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Bf.109G-2 Weekend Edition

1:48 Eduard Zoom




If you have the weekend kit but cant resist a bit of photo etch phun then Eduard do a Zoom set for the kit. The set provides cockpit details, Seatbelt, exhaust covers and radiator parts.






Review sample courtesy of



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