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Guerrilla Nightmare - Kagero & Company via Casemate UK

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Guerrilla Nightmare

Luftwaffe Stukas at War Against Tito's Partisans in Yugoslavia 1941-1945

ISBN : 9788365437785

Kagero & Company via Casemate UK




The Ju-87 Stuka was conceived as a dive bomber in the early 1930s and proved itself in the Spanish Civil war, then later in the Blitzkrieg in Western Europe. However the Battle of Britain would show that the aircraft was vulnerable to the more modern fighters of that time. As such it was moved to areas when the Luftwaffe had less or no aerial opposition. One of these such areas was the Balkans. The Germans were fighting a bitter campaign against Tito in the area, and for lightly armed partisan fighters with no air cover and only light AA the aircraft was truly a nightmare.  The aircraft was accurate in delivery of its bomb load and due to its ruggedness could literally be based any where, typically operating from improvised airfields.  Despite Allied air operations over the Balkans the Stuka was used right up until the end of hostilities, with one aircraft even being captured and used by the partisans against the Germans.




The book looks at all aspects of the operation of Stukas over the Balkans from Supporting ground operations, anti-shipping duties, basing of units; and even towing of Parachute unit gliders.  The book is A4 Hardback and 149 pages long. It is illustrated throughout with black and white photographs. At the back are ten pages of colour plates showing profiles of the aircraft involved. 





This publication brings the story of Stuka in one of the lesser remembered fronts of WWII into the fore. The research shows through and we have a book which is well written, plus loaded with photographs which brings the text to life. Highly recommended to the WWII history buff and the aviation modeller alike.  






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Nice recommendation for Christmas.

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