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Mohawk III 510 Sqn

Mr T

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i am intending to build the AZ Mohawk kit as AR633 of 510 Sqn, for which decals are provided. However, my research to find out much about the aircraft has had limited success. On an old thread  I came across some reference to the aircraft and that the codes were in Dull Red, which figures for a transport/communication squadron. There apparently is a photo of the aircraft, but i have not come across it. Can anyone help me?

Also any ideas as to likely colour for the interior, AZ suggest Interior Green, but not sure about that and i lost my references to Dana Bell stuff when I had a hard drive fall over terminally.

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Thanks very much for the information and photo, it is just what I have needed. I have never built a Mohawk although I planned on doing one and bought the AZ kit on a whim at Telford and want to do a Mohawk IV as use in SEAC in 1943. 

Sorry for the delay in acknowledging your post, BM  was supposed to notify me, but I probably did not set it up correctly. 

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the interior side of the door which is normally visible without disassembly is coated in green color primer (left) as the interior of fuselage.
the inside of the door(between the skin and the inner embossed plate) is coated with untinted primer(right) which is not visible


both side of embossed plate(fuselage door)

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