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1/32 Airfx Sd.Kfz. 250/3 "Rommel's Half-track"

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As I mentioned in Chat, I've decided to get off'f my derriere and actually build something for a change.  Not only that, I intend to finish this one!  I have to do this because there is absolutely no room left in the Cupboard of Shame.


I've half made up my mind to commit to entering a build in every remaining GB this year, which will be quite a feat for me.  I considered the one I've chosen for this GB for the Gollden Years GB but as it is such a good fit here I felt I might as well do it now (as Arnie would say).  Besides, it's not like I don't have anything else for the GYGB :whistle:.


Given the time limit this will be OOB and only lightly weathered - no Spanish School here.


So, to start with, here is the obligatory sprue shot



Not much flash considering its vintage (1975) although there are lots of seam lines and the sprue gates look horrendous in places.  Obviously, detail is a bit soft by modern standards but I imagine this was quite a well received kit in its day.


Time to get stuck in.  The first session produced this



The driver was held in place by a blue-tac cushion whle I sorted his arms out.  I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fit.  The layout of the parts on the sprues, by contrast, is an absolute dog's breakfast - plenty of picking them up and putting them down as I hunt for the right part.


Another session later gave this



Ready for some paint!



Andy M.



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Thanks Val.


As you can see, due to great luck skill the hull went together very well with little brute force adjustment being required and copious amounts of hardly any sanding needed.  Spurred on by this success I continued on with the build sequence suggested by the instructions and assembled the port fender/trackguard.  Then common sense reasserted itself and I decided to check on the fit of the road wheel assemblies before I glued on anything I was likely to break off again.


Hmmm.  Well it may just be me but I was reminded of one of Eric Morecambe's aphorisms: Airfix engineered all of the right locating pins and holes on the suspension arms, but not necessarily in all the right places.  In the end all that was required was to cut off all of the pins and rely on the recesses to locate the arms.


And here we have the results:



It's starting to come along now.  The road wheels are not permanently attached, they're just on to check the spacing.


I must say I'm finding it very liberating not having to worry too much about about detail and accuracy.  I rather fear I have become something of an accidental rivet-counter.



Andy M.

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Like the plonker I am, I've been trundling along on this build without stopping to take photos.  All I can offer is one taken a couple of days ago to demonstrate the sort of detail in the kit



The front suspension in all of its glory.  Another couple of days should see the thing ready for the paint shop, where the fun will really start.



Andy M.

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  • 1 month later...

Hello everybody!  I am, in fact, still breathing and I have managed to fend off the outside world long enough to say - it's finished!


Given that we've passed the deadline, I won't draw this out so I'll just add these photos:


















Thanks for your interest.


Andy M.

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