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The K-5 aircraft were the basis of the USSR's civilian passenger fleet in the 1930s. Sometimes they were used as agitation, sanitary, transport or even military transport. This USSR L-607 was mobilized in 1939. This machine was used during the Soviet-Finnish conflict to transport ammunition and evacuate the wounded. During the service in the VVS RKKA over the civilian registration numbers were painted red stars.



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Very nice build again.

Some timr ago I was looking in Net for any info on military use of K-5 but without success. Thank you for the info on this. Do you know more about military use of K-5?




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Another great build, Max. :).


model producers like A Model have to be applauded for producing such kits. While the subjects a not of my interest, they are certainly appealing and balance the western domination of types popularly built.



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On 8/5/2018 at 9:27 PM, Max Komendantov said:

Since the image of the aircraft engine (M-17) and a certain color scheme, it is a variant of 1939-1941.

Thank you.

BTW - how extensive was your conversion? I guess that you've made engine but also sides of fuselage. is it?




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