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Apparat Male Soldier (Sci-Fi Figure) 1:20


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Apparat Male Soldier (Sci-Fi Figure)

1:20 GreenStrawberry




This lovely little(ish) figure is part of a fantasy/Sci-Fi universe that springs from the minds of the folks from GreenStrawberry, not the musician I'd never heard of until today!  It arrives in a small black themed box in their usual Sci-Fi style, and inside you'll find three ziplok bags of resin parts, a sheet of masks for the included base, and a short instruction sheet that also includes some painting suggestions for your figure.




There are ten resin parts in total, including individual legs, arms, lower and upper torso, head, data-link between the head and backpack, front "skirt" and an attractively styled base.  He's decked out in some seriously high-tech gear, including a full-face helmet with lots of sensors dotted around it, and a faceted link to the back panel of his body-armour that bears a passing resemblance to the ammo feed for a modern gattling gun.    He is stood in a manly pose with legs planted wide apart, and fists balled up as if he's a bit angry or posing manfully for his latest Instagram portrait.  Under his body armour he's wearing a three-quarter length jacket with integral elbow pads, and close fitting trousers that also have knee pads and advanced looking boots.  Hanging from belt-level is a length of cloth that tapers to a point between his knees, which is purely decorative, and cast as a separate part.  This could be painted with a banner or slogan to show his allegiances if you are so minded.




The base is a single piece of resin that is also suitably futuristic.  A set of masks are included to detail the base with the triangular logo that is seen throughout the instructions.  Speaking of instructions, there is a single page of build instructions showing the parts without casting stubs and how they fit together, and two pages of a finished figure that has been exceptionally well painted in a muted grey scheme, with parts of the base illuminated and with extremely nice detail painting, which suggests that it was originally sculpted larger and reduced for production.  I may be wrong there, but that's the impression I get. 




I decided to quickly remove and prepare the parts roughly to get a feel for the size of this figure, so that's what I did.  The casting blocks remove easily, and there is little clean-up needed, which is easily achieved with a sharp blade, being careful not to impale yourself.  The parts mate cleanly, with short pegs making location a doddle, and very little in the way of gaps between parts, even with my hurried preparations.  If I had more time I could have got the joints better I'm sure, but I think you get the gist.   He stands around 110mm including the stand, and 100mm without.




While you can paint the finished model any way you like, I suspect that subsequent releases will perhaps follow a theme, and would imagine that a female soldier will be along soon to complement chummy here.  I look forward to seeing future releases, as I like the styling and casting is excellent with only a little clean up required.




Review sample courtesy of


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