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Red Flag 80-4: 13th Tactical Fighter Squadron

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F-4Ds of the 13TFS, 56tfw at Nellis AFB for Red Flag in June 1980.



65-0614 13tfs MC KLSV 19800600 24cr



65-0752 13tfs MC KLSV 19810600 21cr



65-0608 13tfs MC KLSV 19810600 22cr


65-0613, the only one with full color star'n'bars...

65-0613 13tfs MC KLSV 19810600 19cr


Thanks for looking,


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Uh-oh! I think I just wet my lederhosen! Gorgeous Rhinos! Thanks, as always, for sharing your photos with the rest of us, Sven.


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