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430th Tactical Fighter Squadron Rhinos

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F-4Ds with the 430TFS at Nellis AFB at the end of 1980. In a few more months these will all be traded out for F-16s...



66-7749 430tfs NA KLSV 19800900 12cr



66-7783 430tfs NA KLSV 19800900 03cr



66-7772 430tfs NA KLSV 19800900 18cr



66-7771 430tfs NA KLSV 19800900 19cr



66-7766 430tfs NA KLSV 19800900 20cr



66-7755 430tfs NA KLSV 19800900 16cr


66-7753, fresh from the paint barn and waiting for squadron colors - I think this was a transfer from the 428th. The 428th  had already given up their Phantoms and were waiting on Vipers.

66-7753 430tfs NA KLSV 19800900 14cr



66-7699 430tfs NA LLSV 19800900 13cr


66-7591, note the different serial number presentation.

66-7591 430tfs NA KLSV 19801200 10cr



66-7737 430tfs NA KLSV 19800900 08cr


66-7731 (can you tell this was from the end of the roll? New captain trying to conserve film.)

66-7731 430tfs NA KLSV 19800900 01cr



66-7725 430tfs NA KLSV 19800900 02cr


66-7725 430tfs NA KLSV 19800900 01cr



66-7718 430tfs NA 19800900 04cr



65-0680 430tfs NA KLSV 19801000 14cr


66-7589, the serial number prefix has been corrected from "67" to "66"

66-7589 430tfs NA KLSV 19801200 17cr



66-7582 430tfs NA KLSV 19801200 15cr


66-7512, still wearing the colors of the 428th.

66-7512 430tfs NA KLSV 19801100 09cr


66-7496, wing commander's aircraft

66-7496 430tfs NA 474TFW KLSV 19801100 06cr


Thanks for looking,


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Lovely works - always a pleasure to see camouflaged Phantoms!

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A great selection of photos. Thank you for recording these aircraft.



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