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Can someone please identify this livery?

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Reading through the news today, I stumbled upon an article which had this image in the header: http://www.faz.net/aktuell/finanzen/reiseziel-taiwan-internationale-fluggesellschaften-fuegen-sich-peking-15706928/flugzeuge-von-am-flughafen-von-15706931.html#fotobox_1_5706928. I'm talking about the black-red liveries in the front.


There isn't much information regarding it other than "Aircraft at the Washington Airport" but I immediately thought "That's a change compared to white although, not very attractive".


Can someone please shed some line as to which airline this might be?


Many thanks in advance!


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The US Airways livery was actually very dark blue, not black. If you’re thinking of modelling it the colour is available from Xtracolor, X357.

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USless Airways as they once left me stranded in San Francisco with only the possibility of phoning the US Airlines reconfirmation line  . Now merged into American 

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