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Alien Queen Embryo 1-1 Scale

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The last,and smallest of the Halcyon vinyl 1-1 scale Alien creatures,The queen embryo  as seen on the x-ray scans of Ripley from Alien 3




The  stand is a modified neca figure base with an Alien 3 insert.




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OMG look at its adorable little pink paws!!!


Seriously, I like the way you've brought a little touch of cute to the horror. More masterful painting and colour choice.



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a fantastic slimy looking model of a disturbingly disgusting creature - but Giger really did get it spot on in his Alien creature concept and all the films that followed have really done a great job of making the Alien embryo, mother, queen, hugger etc look so vividly nasty - spot on there - it could be real....

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