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Colourcoats US navy carrier based paint colours

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I'd be grateful if you could advise on which colours in the colourcoats range are the equivalents of the WW2 USN camouflage colours for carrier planes.


I've recently added a Corsair (late war) (1/72) to the stash and I'm wanting to paint it in either the 


Overall glossy sea blue




Glossy sea blue 

Non specular sea blue

Non specular white scheme 


I've looked at your website and in all honesty have probably confused myself over the choices!

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To ensure we're on the same page I'll use some pictures :D


If you're doing this sort of scheme then ACUS34 - ANA623 Glossy Sea Blue is what you need:



If doing this type of scheme ("Tricolor"):


...then underside is ACUS37 ANA601 WW2 Insignia White, the fuselage sides, underside of folding wings and the fin and rudder are ACUS08 ANA608 Intermediate Blue and, if executed by the book then the wing and tailplane & elevator upper surfaces would be ACUS07 - ANA606 Semi-Gloss Sea Blue whilst the top of the fuselage would be ACUS33 - ANA607 Non-Specular Sea Blue.  You're not mad, that is indeed 4 separate colours on the "tricolor" scheme. The following is for a Hellcat but you get the idea... There's another similar diagram I have for the Avenger which unlike this prescribes this scheme for large aircraft but small aircraft (e.g. fighters) were supposed to have the dark blues blended into the white to give a graduated tone on the sides. I've never seen a photograph of that actually used though and it sounds much more like hassle than just painting the fighters with Intermediate Blue like the bombers!


If however the painting was simplified for convenience then all uppersurfaces would be either ANA606 or ANA607 - it's hard to tell which.


Hope this helps?




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it certainly does help. Many thanks!


I shall put an order in nearer the time for the Telford show - at least I assume you will be attending that one, to pick up there. As I said, the corsair is in the stash - but nowhere near the top!

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