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Natural metal F-86 Sabre's...

Andre B

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Concerning NMT F-86 Sabre... ...is there any "rules" in what parts of the aircraft that should be in darker or more "greyish" aluminium (except from gunplates and the rear part). 


Looking att pictures for example it's hard to see any differences in shade between slats, flaps, ailerons and other parts of the wings. Sometimes some parts have been more polished than other.


But in the long run it's hard to detect that some parts on the wings of the fuselage should be moore dark or greyish aluminium than other parts on an F-86. Or where som parts factorypainted in silver as on the P-51D?



(Thinking of the picture of the SAAF aircraft with some plates on the fuselage in an different shade)


Cheers / André

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fubar's advice is good; try to find as many photos of operational, not restored Sabres, as you can find, as restored airframes have most likely either been polished or have had skin panels replaced that were not treated or finished as the originals. Another fairly constant feature is the anodized panels on the upper and lower wings that covered the mainspar- they almost always have a dull, greyish-aluminum appearance, very similar to the same area on B-29's. Our resident F-86 sage @Sabrejet can no doubt be more helpful. In many instances, the Sabres of group and squadron leaders were more polished by their crew chief/ground crews as a matter of pride. My best friend's dad was a crew chief for 4th FG ace Robbie Risner's Sabre in Korea, and he said they kept it polished. It's not easy to do, but a properly metal-toned Sabre makes for a very impressive model- good luck!


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@72modeler is correct - the anodized wing box is one part which stands out: most of the airframe is alclad in different gauges. I have a structural repair manual which gives different materials etc and will post something as soon as I can scan the pages.

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2 hours ago, fubar57 said:

See if you can find more shots like this. It seems the one constant is around the cockpit



Been searching for photos like that. Most pictures found seems to be on restored Sabre's.


One interesting thing on this photo is the differences on the finn concerning the first aircraft compared to the others...


Cheers / André

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