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Revell 1/48 A-26B Invader Build Report

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Now with the F4U-4 is all but finished, its time to continue with my 'build two at any give time - if you want a chance in reducing the constantly growing stash' policy.


This time I selected to tackle my first bomber / 2 engine plane.

This build will be of a Revell A-26B I picked on eBay in a bag - literally in a bag. Some of the clear parts may indicate I have parts from two models. The bag did contain two copies of Instructions. I've put the bag in an old D-link modem box :)

Decal sheet looks too yellow for comfort 😟 I may be looking for a decal sheet - any recommendation are welcomed.






When I washed the parts and moved them to a box more easily accommodated on the bench - I've heard a small part falling - and the carpet monster got it 😫

Loosing a part even before I started - that's a first one.






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Looks interesting! :)


No good start, loosing a part so early on.




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I started with assembly of small parts and painting base layers like steel/silver, black and interior green.

First I found I'm missing all the parts for the bombs, then all the parts for the rockets and this kept deteriorating until it downed on my that the bag had a hole - and I'm missing important parts and not just a small one :


- 18 - Control Column

- 20 - Wing Spar Bulkhead

- 49 - Instrument Panel

- 50 - Nose Bulkhead

- 8 X (61+62) - all the bombs


and actually a few other (like the rockets and gun pods) which I'm willing to forgo.


So - if any one has these spear parts for Revell 5524 or 4504, or can duplicate these - pls. let me know.


In the mean while - this one goes on the shelf.



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contact revell spare parts team, they just reissued the kit, number 03921. they might send replacement parts

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On 7/23/2018 at 11:02 PM, thepureness said:

contact revell spare parts team, they just reissued the kit, number 03921. they might send replacement parts

Thanks - that very helpful information.

I contacted them with the old kit # and they got back saying the kit is no longer in production.

Hope this will work better

Will update



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Many boxings of the A-26 contain two full sets of clear parts.  That's because they often give you the option of the original front-hinged escape hatch and its side-hinged replacement.  A side-effect is that you get the glazed nose as well as the solid one, although you won't necessarily get all the internal parts for the bomb-aiming station.


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  • 1 month later...

The post above was meant to be posted on Aug. 24th (I failed to push the submit)


Since then - its been a festival of paint shop for all sorts of parts. These Revell-Mongram two-engine beasts have a lot of parts !


MB5Di4Im.jpg  4qdbvHXm.jpg




RruPSRWm.jpg  N8RPX24m.jpg


I found a nice reference for the Cockpit. This guy sells high resolution cockpit graphics on eBay.




I then used PrimaColor Silver Pencil to get this (first time use)




I also have the red pencil:



That's it for today



So this is it for the time being.




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Might I suggest looking at kits world decals. They have a lot of interesting schemes and markings for a wide variety of bombers, fighters and more. I know spruebrothers carries them. But, depending on where you are, maybe hannets has them.

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4 hours ago, GRIM REAPER said:

Might I suggest looking at kits world decals. They have a lot of interesting schemes and markings for a wide variety of bombers, fighters and more. I know spruebrothers carries them. But, depending on where you are, maybe hannets has them.

Thanks GRIM REAPER - sounds like a good advice - I will look it up.

As this is my first bomber - I'll see how much I want to invest in extra's. I also kind of looked the other way on the myriad number of sinc holes this kit has. So it's gonna be a 5 to 6 feet kind of build anyhow.


Meantime - more work at the paint shop:



Interesting how you can't tell the Interior Green (inside of wheel wells) from the Green Zinc-Chromate (interior of bomb doors) in the picture.

I real life they do differ.

Instructions call for the Gunner sight to be Interior green - but is should be Flat Black.



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Regarding the extras, I suggest you invest according to how many things will be seen once the model is finished, so I´d concentrate on detailing the cockpit and only that.

As for the decals, maybe putting them under the sun for some days will solve everything.

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Work is going on.


Continues with painting bits and pieces around the myriad of panels, boxes, cables and bottles on the different internal walls and sidewalls.




Finally focused on the cockpit itself:














The cockpit-front wheel doors is one hack of weird engineering. I'm not sure it will survive the build and painting phase. I also looked at the landing gear legs - they are  SOOOO fragile looking.

That's it for today


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I'm starting to understand why people love some much these big 1/48 bombers.

With lots and lots of parts I can spend multiple sittings just painting, gluing, adjusting and detailing parts before getting to installing the big elements and closing up the build.


I spent a couple of sittings just picking up detail and installing the inner parts of this


A quick update on the status of the build as of today:


I forgot to paint the yellow strips on the bomb. There was no way I was going to mask or paint the yellow by itself.

Finally got the idea I can use narrow strips of masking tape as the stripe itself. This is a first-of build - so I go easy :)


I used this product of Mr.Hobby:



The final thing looks like that:



I then glues the various internal doors and parts - first to one side of the fuselage - but I dry fitted the other while the parts where drying - to avoid any misalignment when I combines the fuselage parts. 


From aft to front:






Note the patch of floor still not covered with interior green ;)




You can also see the bombs on their racks installed.





That's it for today.








Edited by Ran
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Spent the weekend building - these twin bombers sure provide ample opportunities for all sort of fun.


As the interior was mostly installed on one side and ready for fuselage closing, I decided to put some attention to the rest of the a/c.


Started with the engine nacelles.

My last build was a Trumpeter - with their overall good engineering. This is a Revell-Monogram and some of the engineering here is, well, missing :)

See for example how the MLG doors are attached to the nacelle's main frame - nothing to locate or firmly attach - just put it on. The part's contour matches the contour of the inner side of the frame - and this should do.






Surprisingly enough - it works - just requires gluing in steps, waiting and a lot of patience and finely tuning the location while the glue dries.


Went on to fix the turrets. Took some time, filing and schmoozing around with the parts. The moving part was painted Tamyia X-10 Gun Metal and I will paint the barrels later on. This is going to be a challenge when painting the body.



I did tell you it's a Revell-Monogram, did I? This had to go off.



Next I worked on the engines:


The though of super detailing the engines with ignition lines came and went through my had real quick. I eneded up just painting these with yellow/gold marking pen, added some black for the push rods with another pen, painted the gearbox gray and draw a dot where the engine manufacture's plate would be. I also painted the inner part of the cowling Tamyia X-11 Silver as I could not find a good ref. picture for this part.



The spare parts I got from Revell were missing the propeller pins. I had to manufacture a replacement, using my Dremel,. punch, some spruce and some thinking. Also had to make sure the pins will not be pushed inside and get lost.




I concluded with adding some weight - anticipating a heavy kit with strong tail-sitting will.



Next I noticed a problem in one of the MLG's. I'm not sure if the little pin was missing or was chopped off. I glued some small plastic disk. I collect these discs when I find them - usually attached as stand alone ejector pins. These sure came in handy this time.

My original idea was to add the MLG's at the end - to save myself a good chance of breaking them while handling and painting. Several tries at dry fitting these just from the outside made me understand there is a reason the instructions call for doing this before attaching the nacelles to the wing.




When all this was done it was time for closing the fuselage. This was done in steps:








Last for today was attaching the nacelles to the wing:



There is a lot of filing and filling to be done - but the mojo is on LOW and I'll call it a day.


Comments are welcomed as usual.



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  • 4 weeks later...

Been doing a lot of stuff on my other build - the Sea King for the past two weeks.


The invader lay patiently as the fuselage is closed and the next steps involved putty, seems and filling.


This week end I decided to pay some attention to the Invader.


Started with some filler/putty and filling of the fuselage seems.

I'm using Perfect Plastic Putty which I find amazing and easy to use - as you can smooth the seem with your finger/wet cotton bud.




I then glues the nose cone, after I CA'ed two lead weights. Did not take any pictures - it was a quick sit down.

Never occurred to me to try and check if this is enough lead or use the cool Liquid Gravity lead pebbles I have.


Next came the horizontal stabilizer - not so-so fit:




And with the filler:




Then I progressed to the engine nucleus:


And after the filler:




Then I fixed the wings:



The bench is not big enough for this beast !


Then it was time to check balance. I've put two lead ball in the nose and one in each engine nucleus front.

To check - I used blue tac (the yellow stuff) to fix the front wheel leg to its place.



Well guess what - ???? F@#$@#$@$ - its still a tail sitter !!



Its not easy to see but the front wheel is in the air and the tail is on the computer mouse there.


I started to look around and think what can I do. Did not want to rip apart the nose (should have thought about that earlier).

Eventually noticed a small opening in the front of the cockpit - where the door for the bombardier is located in other versions of the A-26.

Push THREE lead balls - shaped into small sticks - and used CA to keep them there:



You can see, on the right side of the cockpit one of the stick - before I pushed it further.


That did it !!!




Just to make it safe - I did add some Liquid Gravity fixed to its place with CA :


jjm8S4pm.jpg and painted it iZgP1EXm.jpg


I concluded with some black wash all over the green areas.


That's it for today.

Comments are welcomed.






Edited by Ran
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Watching with interest - been looking at A-26 kits lately.  Quite fancied  a late SEA camo one.  So good to see your build progressing.  The initial loss to the carpet monster - a good case for fitting wood / laminate floors!  Although the bits bounce off & skid across the floor then

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