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Star Wars: Solo – Han's Speeder (06769) 1:28

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Star Wars: Solo – Han's Speeder (06769)

1:28 Revell




Star Wars: Solo is the latest SW universe film tracing the younger years of smuggler Han Solo, and his hi-jinks before he hooked up with Ben Kenobi and Luke on Tatooine, which changed everyone's lives immensely.  I've not seen this episode, but at some point Han gets chased by Imperial troops on Speeder bikes, who don't have the benefit of knowing how that turned out for them on Endor, but I can bet it doesn't end well for them. This is Han's personal ride, and I think I'm starting to spot a pattern.  He doesn't maintain his gear well, or if he does he doesn't give a hoot about the cosmetic side of things, as this big blue speeder has panels missing, and bears an uncanny resemblance to a book, but with echoes of Luke's speeder from back on Tatooine, as well as the look of an American sedan car from the 70s.



The Kit

Revell have the license for Star Wars model kits in Europe and the West, and it's good to see them back in action after recent problems resulted in a new management as well as ownership of the company.  Solo's raft of new ship and vehicle designs have been committed to plastic in the Build & Play range, which my Son is very fond of and he can still be found playing with the originals a couple of years later, with their original batteries still going strong.  His eyes lit up when he saw these, so there's little doubt where they'll be going the minute I've finished with them.  All three of the kits in the initial launch have standard-sized boxes, with plenty of card inserts packing out the parts to prevent scuffs from rattling around, and parts bagged in small numbers where appropriate.  There are twenty nine parts in this kit, and it is surprisingly large, reminding me of the huge cars from 70s shows like Kojak and Starsky & Hutch that wallowed over bumps and round corners.  Again, detail is quite good, and this one includes a Han figure, plus a trio of stickers for the asymmetric lining down the intact side of the vehicle.










Construction begins with the lower hull, with two flaps installed to give it that "float" from the movie.  The cockpit tub goes in next, and on top of that goes the silver lights & sound module, with F-16-style exhausts and clear inners that diffuse the blue glow of the LEDs.  Open panels are added to the rear and right side, and the upper hull press-fits on top, with the instrument panel, steering yoke and more greeblies added to the rear.  The entire left side of the hull is open to the atmosphere, and a silver insert slots in with the front end of the engine added.  The nose is black, with a silver insert, and this clips onto the front of the hull, with another insert in the bonnet/hood, that Lego-style windscreen and a pair of Millennium Falcon-esque seats in the cab.  Han is supplied with separate arms, one hand falling to the control yoke, the other to the centre console and he bears a passing resemblance to the real character.  The odd asymmetric spoiler slots into a pair of holes in the hull, needing some bending to fit, then you remove the battery isolator and press the button at the rear of the centre console to access the sounds, which automatically activates the blue exhausts at the same time.  The two sounds are start-up and running (reminiscent of Luke's speeder), and a general movement with blaster fire accompaniment that's difficult to give a better name.









I'm still not keen on the design of the prop that this model is based upon although I have to admit that it does look pretty handsom in that top pic of the complete model, but as a toy it's cracking!  The fold-out floaters are a good idea, but bit prone to closing when you're handling the model, and younger kids might have trouble getting those stickers nice & straight, but with a modeller nearby to help out (that's you!) they should look just fine.


Very highly recommended.




Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit

logo-revell-2009.gif t_logo-a.png or facebook.gif

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