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Ejection Seat handle on RN Buccaneers


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On the RN S2 Buccaneers was the ejection seat handle the D-type or the double pull ring. I have seen some pictures where the handle is the D-type but the Airfix 1/48 Buccaneer has the double pull ring. Was it a requirement of the RAF that it be changed to the double pull ring ?




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1 hour ago, Selwyn said:

S1 Buccaneer "D" handle.

Buccaneer S2 Double ring.

As a rule of thumb generally yes but it isn't that simple.

700Z's  S1s had a double ring (which looks smaller than the later double ring) Later S1s have the single 'D' ring. At the very end of their service with 736 Squadron they may have had the latest double ring but it is difficult to say exactly just by looking at the photos I have.

Early S2s and S50s had the single 'D' ring and later all were fitted with the double ring that we are familiar with.

On all versions the seat pan firing handle was a single loop.


Have a look here for some details of the Mk4 and Mk6 seats used by the Buccaneer.


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