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Upcoming 1:144 Argosy & Beverley Decal set Completed with Profiles

Jon Freeman

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On 7/12/2018 at 11:32 PM, Jon Freeman said:

Hi All.


Nearing completion for the Mikr Mir kits.








Oh goody goody! Looking forward to this! I must get another Beverley and see if I can do it justice this time!


Great news, thanks very much for that!



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Its nice to see someone going to the effort of making decals for 1/144 scale models...…………..I don't model this scale but do like the look of those decals

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Thanks goodness someone has addressed the appalling errors in Mikr Mir's decals. Can't wait - I need them all!! 


Having said that, the blue in the roundels looks awfully bright.


Also ALL titles on white painted Beverleys and Argosies were BLACK, not blue, including A&AEE! 


114 Sqn. Cobra badge on tail of Argosy XR106 faces to the left on BOTH sides - does not face forward on starboard side  


Camouflaged Beverleys only had ONE RAF D-Type roundel above the port wing  not above BOTH wings! Artwork incorrect


  These errors are as bad as Mikr Mirs!!!  If you need references as proof, please contact me and I'll send you scans of my Kodak slides

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The issues as AMB has pointed out have now been sorted and the printers are making the changes, thankyou.


The brightness of the sheet here on BM (resulting in the very bright blue) is usually the result of posting up a CYMK image instead of converting it to RGB (which the web displays correctly) albeit I did post the image up as RGB so no idea whats going wrong your end.


The decal and inst sheets are definitely correct with the colour shades.


On my Mac monitor the colour is exactly as it should be, anyone else got this problem?





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