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Olivier de St Raph

Ford Mustang "1965" Convertible 1/16 from the Coupe AMT kit: the Indy 500 version

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Even if my decision is not yet taken, I am more and more tempted by the Indy 500 version, gorgeous, with her inscriptions and blue stripes:



The color is Wimbledon White, a off white:



In order to check that we have an off white for the body, I compare with this character undershirt...



On the 1st photo of this post, the top cover is blue, like the cap of dashboard.


Notice that the Chrome underbody below is not present on the Indy 500 version:







If I decide to build this version, quite probable, I should rename my topic, fe in:

Indy 500 Convertible 1964 Ford Mustang 1/16 from the AMT Coupe kit


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Tamiya not providing such an off white color (except in bomb, the TS 7), I could turn to this Hobby color reference, with no mixing necessary:



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OK , decision taken, I will build this version. Many reasons for such a choice, but the main is that, if my emotional coefficient was at 100% with the Rangoon Red car, it is at 120% with the Indy 500. The historical context (this version was created at only 3 items -and only 2 ones were finally used- and this only 1 month after the birth of the car) is another good reason... 

I have modified the title of this topic in order to keep the original title, with just quotation marks on 1965, as this was in fact a 1964 1/2 version, modified to play the role of pace car...


Thanks for understanding this decision, and for staying in tune




N.B: all the infos brought by Bernard are of course current for this version, as only a few details are different from the 1964 1/2 to the 1965 version.

N.B 2: I won't use the red "carpet" ordered and received, the latter passing in losses and profits (maybe for another build...)


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2 new docs:

- the first precises the features of the Mustang pace cars:



The second is a period order form, very interesting (and a bit funny, looking back) document:


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Sorry for the poor quality of the photo below, but if someone could find such a close-up of this plate, I would be very grateful...qJJQUo.png




On the 5th photo of the post# 126 above, we can see another plate: "500". But here too, I couldn't  find any close-up on the Net. 


On the other hand, I could find this official program:



Well, I will be far from my workbench in the next days, for holidays, but I will take advantage to go on with the research aspects...



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The best I could find up to now is this flag:




from which I can get this:



P.S: I also found this one, very nice, but with no reference to the Indy 500:



(RK Motors Charlotte is a famous dealer of Classic Cars, the one that sells - among others - the beautiful Indy 500 hardtop limited edition Mustang I mentioned above (1099000 $...). 


Any other suggestion?

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I have been wrong talking about a hardtop version for the restored Indy 500 to buy from RK motors.

Because of my just average english, I didn’ t understand very well if this car, sold for more than 1000000$, is really one of the 3 original pace cars created for the 1964 Indy 500.

But it seems that yes, what would explain the cost...

Anyway, one thing is sure, this model is a Convertible, and I wonder why RK motors always shows her with her soft  top on.

I will try to email them...




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