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LCVP in British service on D Day

Ali G

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Hi All

I am building a diorama of a British LCVP in British port in the days before D Day.   I am struggling a bit in finding too many coloured images of the boat and the dazzle scheme.   Please can anyone help?    I have done the usual internet searches with limited success


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Have you ever seen this?


It's quite long but from around 25 minutes in the watery stuff begins to appear.


For clarity "Dazzle" is a system of geometric shapes designed to confuse estimation of size and inclination angle. The British WW2 schemes were simply disruptive pattern designs.


The above footage shows many different LC variants. Most of the medium size and big British ones at least are wearing white with either G5, B30 or B15 blue disruptive patterns. Some LCVPs are either dark grey or white. There are many LCx on show at 30mins.



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Just to point out that the smaller of the two landing craft Jamie has marked up above looks to me to be a Landing Craft Assault or LCA which had two propellors and a square stern.  The video also shows plenty of LCVPs but, as far as I can see, they are all in US service.  Did you mean an LCA or a LCVP?  The Airfix 1/72nd  LCVP kit A02340 does show an option for a UK LCVP which might help if that is what you are after

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