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Another Walker finished

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I finished this one a couple of months ago but didn't then have a picture host site.


There is a WIP so you can see how I built it.



I wanted a lived in look, like a WW2 Sherman for instance. Imagine this is the crews home for months on end.

This build was inspired by a picture I saw some years ago. I cannot find it now though.

Apologies in advance for the lousy picture quality. Hopefully you'll be able to make it out.


Paint is Tamiya IJN green from a rattlecan. I've not added numbers etc so it can fit into almost any scenario.





Snakehead decal from F1 car





It's been paddling in some blue gunk!



Spot the Porsche windscreen wiper. This is the only picture that shows the IJN green properly!



The odd bit in front of the Commander is Sherman suspension. Barrels and bags are ancient Airfix railway bits.

The gun on the RH mount is modified Gundam. Blue netting held fruit at one point.



Transmission (Dur!) 



LH rear showing grilles (WW2 M4 etch set a quid from big H)



LH again showing winch & strop for crew access (How do they get into AT ST's?) and the rockets.





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Many thanks, Andy. I think the mesh was a filter on something.

I've had it in the spares boxes for literally decades.


It occurred to me that I didn't post a picture of the front end.

So here are a couple to make up for that.


The armour shields are actually the door windows from the second kit.

You can see those Sherman suspension jobbies again on the legs. 



The flash has washed out the IJN green to grey!

Behind the legs you can see my first ever kreiger scratchbuild. It needs a refurb. One day....

All comments welcome.




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