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Israeli Digital F-15E

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Hi all, this is the first project I've decided to post for some feedback, so go easy!


This is the Revell F-15E Strike Eagle, but rather than doing a boring grey US one I decided to try some digital camo in a Israeli colour scheme.  The camo was all painted using masks I cut out with my Silhouette Portrait die cutting machine.  The weapons loadout is supposedly the same one they used on a long range precision bombing mission, I forget the name.  I used as many generic decals from the kit as possible, but also custom printed the special Israeli ones.  I didn't pre-shade, but base-coated in black, panel lines were done by lightly scratching the paint out with a scriber to uncover the base colour.


I know some people like this kit, but I'm not a fan.  There were some large gaps in the wing joins, and just behind the cockpit was a real PITA to try and smooth out.  The fuselage near the back needed a lot of work and I seem to remember the conformal tanks or bomb pylons not being too friendly.


I'm sorry to say I only took 3 pictures before it got smashed to bits by a camera falling on it. :-(  After debating whether to bin it or not, I did some repairs to fit all the broken bits back on, the front gear had snapped so I had to drill out the leg and wire it up.  The worst part was the nosecone had split down the seam that I was so proud of having made invisible, and I couldn't be bother to fix that.  I also lost some of the bits from the cockpit, they just vanished in the crash.


Oh well, I don't keep my models anyway, so I took it to work and it's lived up on a filling cabinet gathering dust ever since.






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Cheers guys.  The weird thing was, when I found out what had happened I wasn't totally bummed out.  I think if it had got smashed before I'd finished I'd have been more wee weed off.  Like i said, I don't keep any of my models so it's not like I had a display case ready and waiting.


As for the uniqueness, I like doing different, I'm considering painting my Meng F-35 in Russian camo as a "what if?", and I might do my F-22 in the original Starscream colours (I already painted a 1/72 F-15 like it).  I have a few Flankers in the stash that I'm tempted to try a hexagon shaped camo, we'll see....

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